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There are many creative ways to teach an Apologia course in a co-op setting, giving you the flexibility to adjust the course to fit your teaching style. We hope that you find the materials in this guide helpful in getting started.

“As a science teacher for homeschool co-ops, Apologia is all I use. This year I’m using five different courses to teach my different classes. Needless to say, I love Apologia!”

Is Apologia a Good Fit for Your Co-Op?

As a homeschool co-op leader or parent, you have both the challenge and blessing of selecting the best curriculum fit for your co-op. Apologia is used in homeschool co-ops throughout the U.S., and our goal is to provide co-op leaders with the resources they need to effectively teach the material to students.

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Why Choose Apologia for Your Co-Op?


  • Apologia is an award-winning, Biblical worldview curriculum written by leading scholars and veteran homeschool parents.
  • Textbooks are written directly to the student.
  • Hands-on activities and experiments throughout the curriculum reinforce concepts learned.


  • Apologia’s curriculum is written to help students develop a lifelong love of learning and experience the wonder and awe of Creation and the Creator.
  • Because the textbooks are student-focused and written directly to them, the curriculum requires very little preparation.
  • Supply lists are available to simplify hands-on activities and experiments.


  • Apologia’s curriculum is adaptable for multiple ages and levels and it works well for all students regardless of their learning style.
  • Elementary students are engaged through the use of colorful and conversational textbook content; plus audio for each title is also available. A multitude of experimental hands-on activities and interactive student notebooking journal activities also add additional learning enhancement.
  • Middle and high school students are engaged in their studies through informative graphics and illustrations that visually represent the textual content of the titles. Audio, as well as video instruction, can aid in comprehension. Student notebooks are designed to teach students notetaking skills, lab report writing, and much more.
  • Free bonus content is available online through Apologia’s Book Extras which allows students and co-op leaders to dive deeper.

What Co-Ops Are Saying


“As a science teacher for homeschool co-ops, Apologia is all I use. This year I’m using five different courses to teach my different classes. Needless to say, I love Apologia!”

– Franchesca Fontaine Haig, Homeschool Co-op Teacher


“We have used Apologia Science since beginning our homeschool journey six years ago. After leaving the public school sector, my girls are truly enjoying learning this subject from a Creation standpoint which is very important to all of us. I believe it to be a very thorough curriculum that challenges them to think deeper than most others I’ve looked at. I will continue to use Apologia until graduation and have shared my love for its Biblical and intellectual standpoint with many friends and family members in the homeschool arena.”

– Tammye Armbrister, Homeschool Co-op Member


“My children and I have really appreciated the What We Believe series from Apologia. So far, we have finished the first in the series, Who is God?, and we are almost done with the second, Who Am I? Both are very well done, addressing pretty hard and deep topics with clarity and age-appropriate examples. It is interesting enough for my 7-year-old and in-depth enough for my 12-year-old, similar to their science series. And, honestly, I’ve learned a lot. I would highly recommend it.”

– Rebekah, Homeschool Co-op Member

Free Co-Op Resources

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