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Cultivate a Lifelong Love of Learning With Engaging Homeschool Curriculum

Developed by leading scholars, Apologia provides creation-based, K-12 homeschool curriculum that equips and empowers you to help your students reach their academic goals and nurture their love of God. Apologia’s award-winning curriculum encourages independence and cultivates a lifelong love of learning with a conversational tone written directly to the student and includes hands-on activities and experiments.

What Makes Apologia Different

Our curriculum is developed in a way that puts your child first, creating content that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding to motivate students to want to learn more about the world around them.

Our Approach
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Written From a Biblical Perspective

Apologia’s creation-based curriculum constantly draws students toward a higher order of values and facts. It is a true blessing to be able to define and teach the scientific and mathematical mysteries of the universe to our children from a foundational Biblical worldview. There isn’t a firmer foundation on which to base our children’s knowledge.

Written in a Conversational Tone

Our textbooks talk “to” the student, not “at” the student like so many other textbooks on the market. Students participate in the conversation, becoming comfortable with the scientific and mathematical terms so they can have a conversation about the subject matter.

Incorporates Hands-on Learning

For a curriculum to have solid content, it should have a hands-on component easily performed in a homeschool setting. Textbooks are necessary to help students acquire facts, yet it is essential for students to actively participate in the process of discovery to gain a personal awareness of their world. Apologia’s hands-on components help students link collections of facts to the natural world.

Award-Winning Homeschool Curriculum

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Enter Apologia's Homeschool Science Fair

Submit a video of your student explaining their science fair project, the scientific method they followed, and the results they observed.

Submitted videos will be reviewed by our judges, and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner will be selected for each grade level category – elementary, middle school, and high school. Read the full guidelines and start brainstorming your science fair project today!

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What Families & Students Are Saying About Apologia


This is my 28th year homeschooling, and I’ve witnessed the rise and fall, ebb and flow, of homeschool trends, so-called experts, methodologies, et cetera. I appreciate the diligence of Apologia. Apologia materials have been a trusted mainstay on my bookshelves for many years, and I thank you all for that!


I just wanted to say thank you for your faithful production of high-quality, Biblically-based resources. My family and I have been positively shaped by the sound content.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your spiritual views combining God’s marvelous works with science! Truly, Apologia has tremendously enhanced my learning experience. Great job on such amazing books! Truly a great curriculum. Thanks so much!


My kids love Apologia, especially the hands-on experiments! I love how everything is centered around Biblical principles. Great curriculum! Definitely recommend to others.


This curriculum inspires my family academically and spiritually. We appreciate you, Apologia!


As a science teacher for homeschool co-ops, Apologia is all I use. This year I’m using five different courses to teach my different classes. Needless to say, I love Apologia!

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Here to Help You Along the Way

At Apologia, we want to enable and empower every family we serve to provide them with the tools for successful and meaningful homeschooling. We offer a multitude of free resources and downloads to help first time homeschoolers, those already homeschooling but need some inspiration and support, and so much more!

Free Resources
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We love connecting with the family and students who are part of the Apologia community. Connect with us on social media to see what other students are learning as well as for the latest news, updates, and more!

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