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Elementary Botany Homeschool Curriculum

Recommended Grade Level: K-6th grade

Explore the wonders of plant life with Apologia’s award-winning homeschooling curriculum for elementary botany. This homeschool botany course is written from a Biblical worldview and is designed to guide students through exploring the diverse plant life found in God’s creation. Students will be Immersed in botanical science, plant anatomy, and classification and complete hands-on activities to bring learning to life.

Tailored for grades K-6, this curriculum includes a beautifully illustrated textbook and notebooking journal, allowing your child to record their plant discoveries and observations from exploring nature. For auditory learners, a companion audiobook is available, enabling students to listen while they learn about the rich variety of plant life and its impact on our world.

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Helpful Resources


  • How is Botany 2nd Edition different from Botany 1st Edition?

    There were numerous changes made to the Botany course to make it more user-friendly and modern. The changes made between the 1st and 2nd Edition of Botany are listed below:

    • It is now 14 lessons rather than 13.

    • We made Nature Journaling a concept used throughout the course and added 2 new lessons that cover gardening and mycology.

    • The updated pictures and graphics are incredible.

    • We’ve reworked the activities.

    • We’ve lined up the Notebooking Journal and Junior Notebooking Journal pages to match, in addition to adding color and new content.

  • What is washing soda? It is needed for Botany Lesson 6.

    Washing soda is a powdered laundry additive. It is NOT baking soda, but Arm and Hammer makes it. The chemical name is sodium carbonate.

  • I can’t find a 15W fluorescent bulb to use in the light hut. What can I use instead?

    Look for a 60 Watt equivalent CFL. This will be around 13-15 watts of energy.

    You can find an example of this bulb here.

    These used to be called fluorescent spiral lights, but the spiral shape has been standardized over the years and is now just called CFL, which stands for Compact Fluorescent Light.

  • Why has the Botany Junior Notebooking Journal been discontinued?

    We are moving to only one notebooking journal for Botany. The Botany Junior Notebooking Journal was exactly the same as the Botany Regular Notebooking Journal, except that it had primary handwriting lines for the younger students.

    If you have younger students, you may wish to add the handwriting guidelines,  have them dictate to you what they wish to have written, and provide hints such as the first letter of a crossword answer. Always feel free to assist your students if they ask for your help.