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Elementary Astronomy Homeschool Curriculum

Recommended Grade Level: K-6th grade

Apologia’s award-winning elementary astronomy homeschooling curriculum is designed to explore the far reaches of the universe and point students to the God that created it.

Explore the vast expanse of the universe with an immersive approach. This elementary astronomy curriculum– for grades K-6–features an engaging textbook and a thoughtfully designed notebooking journal, allowing your child to document their astronomical discoveries and reflections. For auditory learners, a companion audiobook is available so students can listen while they learn about the cosmos.

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  • How is Astronomy 2nd Edition different from Astronomy 1st Edition?

    Author Jeannie Fulbright and technical editor and content contributor Damian Ludwiczak, who is an engineer at NASA, partnered together with Apologia to create the 2nd edition of Astronomy. Some changes made to the Astronomy course include:

    • Each of the 14 lessons have been updated with current scientific data
    • New illustrations were created
    • Wisdom from Above and Think About This callout boxes were added to give special attention to God as Creator
    • All activities are clearly defined within the textbook
    • The status of Pluto was changed to a dwarf planet, so the content in Lessons 11-14 was reworked to accommodate this.