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Homeschool Bootcamp Sessions

Welcome Recruits

What to Expect During Homeschool Bootcamp

In this short opening welcome, you’ll discover what to expect during Homeschool Bootcamp, and hear some fascinating statistics on the global surge of homeschooling over the past few years.

Let’s jump right in!

Lace Up Your Boots

How to Plan and Prepare

Discover a different way to educate your children and pull them out of the broken, government-run school system. Once you experience the freedom and flexibility provided by homeschooling, you’ll be empowered to train up your children in the way they should go.

Strategize for Success

How to Advance and Achieve

This session is packed with practical tips for scheduling, creating a daily rhythm, choosing curriculum, prioritizing sibling relationships, being present in the little moments, and tending to your children’s hearts instead of a checklist.

You’ll hear incredible wisdom on simplifying homeschool back to the core basics.

Tactical Training

How to Endure and Persevere

The drop rate of homeschooling is exceptionally high in the first few years. Creating a solid support system and continually reminding yourself of the reasons why you have chosen to homeschool is pivotal to persevere through the difficult days and years.

It is often in the difficult places where God builds and strengthens the family unit to face opposition together.

Rally the Troops

How to Stay Focused on Your Mission

Prioritizing relationships is a critical key to homeschool success. Building strong relational foundations with both God and with your children will allow your homeschool to flourish and grow.

With this relationship focus, you are able to encourage and teach each child individually because you know them better than any teacher ever will.

Let’s Move Out

How to Hit the Ground Running

This short conclusion provides excellent resources to prepare you to hit the ground running on your homeschool journey.

You can do this thing called homeschool with stunning confidence, contagious joy, and amazing focus!

Moms on a Mission

We received incredible feedback from our Homeschool Bootcamp, and many of you asked for more practical advice with real stories from moms who are in the thick of homeschooling.

We’re excited to bring you “Moms on a Mission”, where we ask four homeschool moms some of your top questions. You’ll hear each mom’s different perspective with practical advice and tips for what has worked for them in their own homes.

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Meet Your Bootcamp Instructors

As seasoned, veteran homeschoolers with a combined experience of 36 years, the Carman and Lesh families bring an incredible depth of knowledge to home education.