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Homeschool Bootcamp

Navigating the Homeschool Adventure

Whether you’re just embarking on your homeschool journey or have been walking the path for many years, Apologia’s Homeschool Bootcamp is for you.

This video series includes 12 sessions packed with practical, authentic homeschool wisdom – all FREE!


Homeschool Bootcamp Topics

Watch 12 videos packed with practical tips and homeschool wisdom.


Homeschool Planning and Goal Setting

Strategic Planning for a Purposeful Homeschool Journey


How to Homeschool as a Working Parent

with Guest, Carrie Henry, PhD, CNM, RN

The Balancing Act of Working and Homeschooling with God’s Provision


Homeschool: A Day in the Life

Cultivating Daily Rhythms and Balance in Your Home


Practical Tips from the Trenches

Practical Wisdom from Veteran Homeschool Parents


Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum that Works

Discovering How Your Child Learns Best: Uncovering Strengths and Areas for Growth


Breaking Free from a Public School Mindset

Embracing Freedom Beyond the Conventional School Paradigm

How to Homeschool Through the High School Years

Navigating the Teen Years, Transcripts, and Graduation with Humility and Grace


How to Homeschool as a Single Parent

with Guest, Nicki Truesdell

Finding Support and Embracing Flexibility as a Single Homeschool Parent


Why Should I Choose to Homeschool?

Discover the Joys and Benefits of Home Education


What About Socialization?

Developing Positive Relationships and Social Skills While Homeschooling


How to Homeschool a Child with Special Needs

with Guest, Katie Life in the Mundane

Embracing Differences, Adapting Resources, and Overcoming Obstacles with Joy


The History of Homeschool

A Journey Through the Remarkable History of the Homeschool Movement

With Homeschool Bootcamp you will learn how to properly equip your family and set your children in the right direction for success not only on their academic journey but also on their social and spiritual paths. Along the way, you will discover one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling – deeper and stronger family relationships.




“Thank you for the wonderful, encouraging journey! Such beautiful insight to guide our path in homeschooling. Thank you for sharing real examples because not every day is going to be smooth sailing, and it helps to remember that the focus is on relationships in the family, our relationship with God, and our love of learning!”


“I enjoyed hearing about veteran homeschool experiences – how simple and focused it can be, how to live out and train our children in the Christian faith, and how learning is so much more than worksheets and meeting state requirements or checking the boxes.”


“My heart was ministered to in a way I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t a sales pitch. It was encouragement for fellow believers to move forward as God would lead and the practical know-how and things to watch out for. Thank you – I needed to hear this!”


“I enjoyed the affirmation and encouragement to homeschool and ideas for keeping it exciting and tailored to your child’s interests.”


“Great reminder for us who have been doing this but need that refresher every year!”