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Access 20 FREE Homeschool Resources from Apologia

Here are 20 Tools to Help You Get Started on Your Homeschool Journey

If you are new to homeschooling or looking for how-to homeschool resources, welcome!

Apologia is a company of homeschooling parents and advocates. Several members of our team are homeschool graduates who are now themselves homeschooling!

Our team has prepared podcasts, e-publications, and helpful videos to address questions about getting started homeschooling, setting homeschool routines, researching and selecting homeschool curriculum, homeschooling through high school, and so MUCH more.

Are you considering homeschooling or struggling to continue homeschooling your kids?

We are excited to announce our FREE Homeschool Bootcamp. These video sessions are packed with practical tips for scheduling, creating a daily rhythm, choosing curriculum, prioritizing relationships, and tending to your children’s hearts instead of a checklist.

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Welcome Home eBook

You’ll be encouraged and inspired by the Welcome Home e-book packed with homeschool information and encouragement from Apologia.

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Homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide

The Apologia Curriculum Planning Guide includes articles, a curriculum research form, a curriculum planning sheet, and more. This guide also includes a list of questions to review before selecting a curriculum for your child and family.

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Homeschooling High School

This resource is packed with articles from veteran homeschooling parents who have graduated no less than 4 children from their homeschool.

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How to Write a Lab Report

Written by Apologia Science author Sherri Seligson. The ability to write a lab report is important for your student as they move through high school. Sherri takes your student through this process step by step and will help your child move into college sciences confidently, knowing how to write a proper lab report.

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Launching Our Mind with STEM activity e-Book

Download and get ready to see how accessible science can be. You can teach science in your homeschool and do it well!

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Called to Explore Creation eBook

This e-book is a great way to sample our K-6 award-winning science curriculum. We have included one lesson from each of our eight titles in the Young Explorer Series.

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Moms on a Mission

4 Homeschool Moms Answer Your Top Homeschool Questions

We received incredible feedback from our free Homeschool Bootcamp, and many of you asked us to share more practical advice with real stories from moms who are in the thick of homeschooling.

We’re excited to bring you “Moms on a Mission”, where we ask four homeschool moms some of your top questions. You’ll hear different perspectives from each mom as they share practical advice, tips, and what has worked for them in their own homes.

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A Word of Encouragement

We believe homeschooling is not just an education choice; homeschooling is a lifestyle and adventure of a lifetime!

You are the child’s parent, you love them more than anyone in the whole world, and you will do whatever it takes to help them learn and succeed in life. You taught them how to walk and talk (two very complex skills to master), and you have everything you need to teach them the love of learning. You also have the patience required to help them learn to read, write, and multiply fractions. You are their parent, and you can do this!

The family home provides love, security, and nurture as part of a healthy and positive context in which a child can learn and thrive.