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Elementary Chemistry & Physics Homeschool Curriculum

Discover Apologia’s chemistry and physics homeschooling curriculum designed for elementary-grade learners. Inspire the budding scientist within your child with an introduction to the world of chemistry and physics.

In our elementary chemistry and physics course, elementary students will study the basic building blocks of creation: atoms, molecules, simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms. Spark a lifelong love of chemistry and physics with this engaging, hands-on elementary science curriculum.

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Navigating the Homeschool Adventure

Whether you’re just embarking on your homeschool journey or have been walking the path for many years, Apologia’s Homeschool Bootcamp is for you.

This FREE video series will help you navigate the homeschool journey with practical, down-to-earth guidance and wisdom gained from experienced homeschool parents on the path.

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