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2024 New Products

Exploring Creation with Physical Science 

4th Edition

Recommended Grade Level: 8th-9th

Discover Apologia’s brand new release of Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition. In this engaging course, students will explore the science of God’s physical laws of creation through an immersive learning experience.

This brand-new edition offers learning resources to support your student’s unique learning style, including:

  • Video Lessons that explain each module and demonstrate experiments with engaging visuals
  • Audiobook of the textbook for auditory learners
  • Course Guide and Answer Key that serves as a comprehensive resource for parents
  • Student Notebook to record notes and help students write informal and formal lab reports

NOTE: Our Physical Science Self-Paced Course and AutoGrade+ will be released on September 1, 2024.

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Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures, 2nd Edition

Recommended Grade Level: K-6th

Dive into the underwater world of swimming creatures, where students will learn all about God’s glorious design. With hands-on, interactive experiments, learning comes to life on the page, giving students an immersive learning experience.

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Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6

Recommended Grade Level: 6th

Build a strong math foundation in this new level of Exploring Creation with Mathematics. In this level, students will learn all about fractions and ratios, rates and probability, and negative numbers. They’ll also receive an introduction to algebra to prepare them for higher-level math courses.

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Self-Paced Literature Unit Studies

Recommended Grade Level: 6th-9th

Spark your student’s love of literature with an Apologia Self-Paced Literature Unit Study.

In this four-part literature study, students will have access to an audio narration of the novel, video lessons, review questions, automatically graded tests, and optional essay topics. These unit studies will provide all the learning tools needed for students to understand and master the rich concepts presented in each novel.

Literature Unit Study Novels

  • The Basket of Flowers
  • The Giant Killer
  • The Light in the Robber’s Cave
  • A Peep Behind the Scenes
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New Apologia Live Classes

Apologia offers exceptional homeschool classes online where students are welcomed into a virtual learning community that meets in a live classroom once a week.

Choose from over 35 classes in sciencemathforeign languageliteraturehistorygovernmentapologetics and worldview.

2024-2025 New Classes 

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2023 New Products

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

2nd Edition

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, 2nd Edition lets your child’s imagination soar with this fascinating study of birds, bats, and flying insects. Your young zoologist will investigate the dynamics of flight, learn classification skills, keep a field journal, and explore how the design we see in flying creatures points us toward our Creator.

High-flying projects for this science course include building a bird feeder, working with nesting materials, and even bringing a flying insect “back from the dead!”

Recommended Grade Level: K-6th

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Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5, students learn about whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry and measurement, percents, and graphing. They’ll explore the beauty of mathematics in all aspects of life, including the patterns that surround us every day.

Activities, projects, and games help students see the beauty, order, and truth of Creation – all while making math fun and interactive.

Recommended Grade Level: 5th

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American Literature

2nd Edition

Students will explore the power and beauty of America’s greatest literary works from a Biblical Christian worldview. Even those who have never connected with classic literature will discover how enjoyable it can be, how it speaks to their lives today, and how it affirms and illuminates Biblical truth. 

Recommended Grade Level: 10th-12th

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2022 New Products

Preschool Science: Exploring Creation Together

Preschool Science: Exploring Creation Together is a God-honoring science curriculum that maintains and builds upon the strong connections between you and your preschool child.

This curriculum is full of hands-on, minds-on, and hearts-on activities that develop the most vital learning tools your child possesses – unique God-given talents and abilities!

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Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 4

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 4 was designed to encourage your child’s thinking to soar to new heights on a joyous journey discovering new things about the world and its Creator. In level 4, students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, data collection and graphing, fractions, and geometry. This hands-on, interactive curriculum also encourages your child to ponder creation on a new level.

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Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, 2nd Edition

This high school health and nutrition curriculum explores the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual concepts that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. With detailed illustrations and photos, clear explanations, and enhanced readability, Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, 2nd Edition covers what maturing students need to know to help them make the best choices they can for themselves as they become young adults. Health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can.

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