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Hope for Homeschooling With Anxiety and Depression

Trisha Vuong|April 18, 2023

Homeschooling alone has its set of challenges. Homeschooling with anxiety or depression can feel near impossible. They can paralyze us with fear and hopelessness.

Homeschool moms, especially, carry an incredible amount of responsibility. In turn, we must be equipped and prepared with coping tools.

Our own Rachael Carman, the first lady of Apologia, had the honor to speak with Yvette Hampton of Schoolhouse Rocked, in a 3-part series all about homeschooling with anxiety and depression. If you are in the thick of anxiety or depression, I pray this post lands on your screen.

Hope for Depression in Homeschool

I’ve seen so many moms on social media express feelings of being at the end of themselves. You may feel lost, broken, and unmotivated. Whether you’re pregnant or experiencing menopause, or anything in between, a woman’s body and mind is constantly processing a lot. Depression or anxiety can cripple your confidence. In turn, it can lead you to believe your children would be better off being sent to school.

Anxiety is real. Depression is real. Together, they are a team of skillful liars. Part 1 of this series is about providing hope to moms this season, along with reminders to hold on to what you know.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8

Markers for Depression and Anxiety in Homeschool

In Part 2, Rachael and Yvette talk about some easy markers to recognize in ourselves and each other when we cannot function normally. This includes being aware of your teens and children. As a result, being sober-minded to spot signs early on will allow you to ask for help right away.

When we see the signs, where can we turn? God’s word is key. Yvette and Rachael discuss how sometimes you don’t have the energy to even lift the pages of your Bible. Then what? Watch this video for some practical wisdom.

Be on guard from the lies of the enemy. You’re the best option for your child because Jesus came so that you may have an abundant life. Stop for a minute – get back to your roots in Christ and homeschooling. Then let the rebuilding begin.

Homeschooling Through Depression

The pandemic has made this topic a reality for so many. For believers, the good news is this is the worst it will get. We have a glorious Heaven to look forward to. While we are here, what can we do to care for ourselves?

Self-care gets a bad rap due to the culture’s definition. Self-care is often thought of as indulgence. However, Rachael clarifies what individual self-care is from both a Biblical lens and a practical perspective.

Homeschooling with anxiety and depression is a new level of hard. However, Rachael urges us to remember who we know God to be. Pursuing Him with all your heart is your ultimate self-care regimen. Marvel at His creation, and be reminded of His love for you.

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