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What I Did During Summer Vacation

Davis Carman|August 4, 2021

Our Summer Vacation

Summer vacation – how many times did you get this writing assignment as a school-age kid? I personally enjoyed putting pen to paper each September since our family did a fairly good job of making sure a good vacation happened sometime during the summer break. Some years we went on a camping trip with several other friends from church. Legendary tales emerged from a few of these family adventures. The most frequent trip my family made was a 1500-mile trek from Ohio to New Mexico to see my grandparents. We would endure hours in a hot car without air conditioning, but it was all worth it when Nonnie and Poppie would take us on a hike up Tucumcari Mountain. I still have a special rock on my desk that I claimed as a young explorer from those days.

Intentional Summer

If nothing else, writing what I did during summer vacation when I was younger prompted me to be very aware of how I spent summer breaks as an adult. It’s so easy for June, July, and August to slip away and end up with nothing to show for it at the end. Like anything, a little planning goes a long way to making the most of the days.

So, this year, Rachael and I made a point to be more intentional than usual about our summer. There were a few good reasons. One, with the 2020 lock downs, we were ready to get back to traveling — a part of our work and ministry that we enjoy. Two, we weren’t crazy about wearing masks on the airplanes, so we decided to do more road trips rather than flying. And three, we celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in 2021. So we wanted to add that to the mix and do something special.

June 10 – Waxhaw, NC to Knoxville, TN

June 11 – Knoxville, TN to Kansas City, MO

June 12 – Kansas City, MO to Sioux Falls, SD

June 13 – Sioux Falls to Mt. Rushmore, SD

June 14 – Mt. Rushmore, SD

June 15 – Mt. Rushmore, SD

June 16 – Mt. Rushmore, SD

June 17 – Mt. Rushmore, SD to Denver, CO

June 18 – Denver, CO

June 19 – Denver, CO

June 20 – Denver to Colorado Springs, CO

June 21 – Colorado Springs, CO to Amarillo, TX

June 22 – Amarillo to Abilene to Ft. Worth, TX

June 23 – Ft. Worth, TX to Destin, FL

June 24 – Destin, FL

June 25 – Destin, FL to Atlanta, GA

June 26 – Atlanta, GA to Waxhaw, NC

So…what did you do on your summer vacation?


Walking by faith and enjoying the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime!

Davis Carman

Davis is the president of Apologia Educational Ministries, the #1 publisher of Creation- based science and Bible curriculum. He is the author of five illustrated children’s books designed to help parents instill a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of their preschoolers. He believes that if there was ever a time to homeschool, it is now! You can hear more of what he has to say at the Let’s Talk Homeschool Podcast.

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