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Terms and Conditions

All families preparing to register for our online classes must agree to the following “terms and conditions” before registering.

Apologia Educational Ministries reserves the right to cancel a registration(s) at will for bad conduct, overdue payments, or other issues important to maintaining excellence, integrity, and consistency with our educational, financial, and decency goals. This includes all social media. A refund will be negotiable.

  • Legally Homeschooling
    I understand that it is my responsibility (parent/family) to ensure we are legally homeschooling in the appropriate state or country.
  • You are the legal, authorized, official school, not Apologia
    I have read, understand, and agree with the following:

    • Apologia affirms parents as the primary legal and moral educators of their children. Apologia is NOT a school.
    • Your homeschool is your child’s school, and you (the parents) are the principals, administrators, and managers.
    • Apologia’s Live Classes are a resource available to autonomous homeschool institutions.
    • Teachers will report all classroom activities, assignments, tests, quizzes, etc., to the parent via the student portal and will provide final grade suggestions based on this activity.
    • It is the duty of your homeschool to monitor both the class time and the grades of the student and develop your own transcripts and/or report cards. When your homeschool creates official documentation (grades, transcripts, etc.) you do NOT include Apologia. The parent(s) is/are the primary Head Teacher and classroom manager, not Apologia nor our teachers.
    • Apologia Live Classes is NOT a tutoring program.
    • We do not provide certifications of any sort.
    • We do not fill out NCAA documentation.
    • We do not provide private information on our teachers other than their full bios found here.
    • If you are looking for an organization that runs your homeschool, we are not a good fit for you.
  • Class Etiquette
    I will make sure my student(s) behaves in a courteous manner during class. This includes exhibiting proper etiquette in the chatbox, respecting the instructors, and using godly integrity in completing assignments, taking tests, and sharing information.
  • Apologia Emails
    I understand that all registered families will receive email communication from Apologia. This includes receiving email updates from teachers.
  • Confidential Email
    I understand that all email lists are confidential and the sole property of Apologia and not individuals, including Apologia teachers. Therefore I understand that my email address and communications will not be shared outside of Apologia, sold, or given away to other companies.
  • Parental Involvement
    • Email Communication: I (parent[s]) agree to be actively engaged in the education of my/our child(ren) including, but not limited to, deadlines, homework assistance, assignments, technical difficulties, teacher communication, and behavioral situations. I also understand that all communication including tests, assignments, papers, etc. is sent to the parent(‘s) email address and the student’s email address. As the principal of my homeschool, I will make sure my student is responding to all communication in a timely manner. This is my responsibility as the administrator of my school, not the Apologia teachers.
    • Grades: I will keep track of my student’s grades by printing them occasionally from the Apologia Student Portal. I understand that all grades, assignments, and other portal information are erased 2-4 weeks after the close of the school year and I must retrieve them prior to this.
  • Financial Integrity
    • Discounts: Please click here for discounts
      • I understand that if I fail to add and apply a discount promo code BEFORE entering my credit card, I cannot get a refund in the amount of the discount. (you must look at the total to make sure the discount is applied BEFORE entering your credit card).
      • Early Bird discounts are available ONLY in March and April
    • Credit Cards: Credit Cards are the only acceptable form of payment. Registering and paying in full or payments is a contract with Apologia that you will do the following: I will use integrity when dealing with all financial matters. I will let the Apologia Live Classes office know if my credit card number changes so my automatic recurring billing can be changed and will continue successfully. A credit card failure during your recurring billing cycle will result in losing your seat if not corrected quickly. If classes are already underway, your student will be unable to enter their student portal and will be unable to attend class. If you do not take care of the failed payment, you may lose your registration and receive no refund.
    • Payment Plans:
      • Pay In Full: one-time payment
      • Pay Installments: I understand that if I choose the installment/payment plan, I will pay a deposit and my card will be charged automatically every four weeks if I register prior to June 1st.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register AFTER May 31 you will be automatically charged every 2 weeks and AFTER July 31 every week (Oct. 31 is the deadline for all accounts to be paid).
    • Deposits:  If I choose the installments option (layaway plan) I must pay the required deposit per student/per class at checkout. The balance is automatically charged to your Credit Card and spread out over the remaining months to October 31 (deadline date). The deposit is subtracted from your total balance.
    • Refunds: Registering for classes is a contract between my family and Apologia. My student is placed on the class roster and income is committed to that teacher. My student is assured a spot in the class. Apologia’s refund policy is described below.
  • Dropping or Withdrawing From a Class
    • Prior to August 1st:  Full refund, except the $55 non-refundable registration fee.
    • August 1st to the day before classes begin: Total paid minus 30%, except the $55 non-refundable registration fee.
    • The week classes begin (beginning Monday and for the first 2 weeks only): Total paid minus 50%, except the $55 non-refundable registration fee.
    • After the 2nd week of classes there are no refunds (Saturday going forward).
    •  Wait List: I will not go on a “wait list” unless I fully intend to take the class(es) if and when it becomes available.
  • Credit & Debit Cards Only
    I understand that Apologia accepts payments for live classes only by credit and debit cards..
  • Technology
    • Update My Computer: Since Apologia depends on technology for their quality educational process, I will agree to keep my computer updated. This includes browsers, software, and other components.
    • Internet Connection: Apologia does NOT allow registrants with dial-up or other slow/bad connections. Your system MUST be tested prior to registering for classes to ensure you can view LIVE classes efficiently and successfully (DSL and Cable may work fine, but you must test HERE ( If you are aware of a bad, slow, and/or other inefficient internet connection (even if you have DSL and/or cable) and still register for classes, we cannot be responsible for a refund later. If your system is lacking, please consider our Video On Demand courses. You can test your internet quality for this option by watching the trailers.
  • Class Duration
    I understand that courses run for approximately 60-90 minutes 1 day weekly (most math classes meet for 45 minutes twice per week) and meet for 28-34 weeks. These times are approximate. If students do not ask many questions on a particular day, the class may run shorter. Please contact your teacher(s) for more information and exactly when a class ends in April or May. Apologia reserves the right to adjust class duration times and dates based on the wisdom and discernment of the teacher.
  • Chatbox and Webcams
    I understand that Apologia Live Classes do not allow the chatbox and student webcams to be recorded. Students can see these live but not in the recordings. The teachers will read the questions in the chatbox so recorded/graded (flexible) students do not miss out on these questions.
  • Copyright Violation
    My children and I understand that no test, assignment, or any other coursework is to be posted outside of Apologia. This includes Quizlet and other online study sites. Students found stealing tests in this manner or other forms of cheating will be dismissed from class without a refund.


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