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Homeschool High School Science Curriculum

Apologia’s award-winning high school science curriculum was designed so students would enjoy learning.  Actually, we want them to be fascinated by it, totally in awe of God’s Creation. And so, we designed our high school curriculum to not only help your student acquire logical, life-applicable skills gained from this intellectual activity that is based on observation, research, and experimentation but also to recognize that these skills don’t stop when a textbook is closed.

Your high school student will have the opportunity to dive deep into biology, chemistry, physics, advanced biology, health and nutrition, and more.

Skills that teach logic, observation, and inquiry extend into everyday life circumstances; students grasp that their lives are also meant to be structured and purposeful. Studying science also teaches students that there is order in our universe, and once they start to understand that order, science will not be a class but rather a means to understanding everything about them.

The homeschool high school science courses designed by Apologia are there to help your students understand, evaluate, and participate in the discoveries that occur during their lifetime, ultimately becoming competent adults capable of making wise decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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“I am so thankful for Apologia’s great curriculum that provides us a lesson plan right there in the student book, so my daughter knows what needs to be done in a day! We have used Apologia science for many years. I am definitely a fan of Apologia’s science curriculum for homeschooling!”

– Parent

Preparing Students for the Future

Apologia high school science is specifically and methodically designed so that when your student graduates from your homeschool high school, they should be:

  • Asking questions and defining problems
  • Developing and using models
  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Using mathematics and computational thinking
  • Constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • Engaging in argument from evidence
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

High School Core Science Courses

Exploring Creation with Biology

Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, is a part of Apologia’s award-winning, college-prep biology course, and provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology.

This curriculum contains student instruction, study questions, laboratory exercises, and module study guides with color photos and illustrations.

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Exploring Creation with Chemistry

Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition, is part of Apologia’s award-winning science curriculum for homeschooled high school students.

This course provides students with a strong foundation in chemistry with the goal of preparing them for college-level studies. While user-friendly in its design, it fosters in-depth discussions and provides clear and thorough explanations of concepts.

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Exploring Creation with Physics

Apologia’s award-willing Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Edition, is part of Apologia’s award-winning science curriculum. It is designed to be completed in high school and is a college-prep-level course.

Students who take this course need to have completed Algebra 1 and Geometry and have a basic understanding of the sine, cosine, and tangent definitions.

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Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, 2nd Edition, is one of the few homeschool science courses that include an entire education on ecology. It gives students self-directed learning tools to ensure that they thrive and master key science concepts.

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Advanced Science Courses

Apologia’s advanced science courses for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics allow students to dive deeper with an advanced approach. Similar to Apologia’s other courses, the text is written to students in a conversational tone that cultivates independent learning.

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High School Elective Science Courses

Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, 2nd Edition, is a high school level course that can be taken as either an elective or a state requirement.

Using vivid illustrations and clear explanations, this Health and Nutrition course takes a holistic and relevant approach when exploring the physical, nutritional, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual concepts.

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Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy

Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy course was designed as an elective course for high school students in 9th – 12th grades.

Trusting in the providence of our God, Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy uses the scientific and mathematical constants of the universe to reveal the beauty of creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what order should my high schooler do each science course?

    We offer a recommended course sequence as one possible option and a way to help you get started.

    Please note: Marine Biology can be taken any year after Biology has been completed.

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  • Are Apologia high school science courses considered honors level?

    The following Apologia courses could be considered honors if a student has demonstrated good knowledge of the prerequisite subject matter and desires to go deeper into a particular advanced subject matter:

    Our grade level courses could be considered honors if students perform and document ALL experiments and textbook work. Typically, an honors course adds new materials to the existing course. We recommend using the corresponding student notebooks for honors courses because our notebooks add additional content to the textbook curriculum. Otherwise, these general courses are considered rigorous college preparatory courses:

  • Can Apologia Physical Science be used in 9th grade for high school credit?

    On our course sequence, you will notice that Physical Science is recommended as an 8th grade course. We do, however, believe it is a strong enough course to be used for high school credit in 9th grade. Ultimately it is the parent’s decision as to whether they use this curriculum for 8th or 9th grade, and we support that choice either way.

Video Lesson Samples

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