Apologia is a Christ-centered, award-winning homeschool curriculum provider.

Our mission is to help homeschooling students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith through our print and digital curriculum and online classes.

Apologia Curriculum

Apologia’s biblically-based print and digital homeschool curriculum for grades K-12

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Self-Paced and Live Courses for grades 7-12, designed to fit your student’s needs

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Benefits of Apologia

Award Winning Science

Apologia’s creation-based homeschool science curriculum has been voted #1 for over 12 years in a row by homeschool parents and publications.  We have received over 75 awards for our science and biblical worldview curriculum.

Award-Winning Bible & Worldview

With the award-winning What We Believe series, children will learn to apply Scripture and use it as a lens through which to view the world. We seek to help teach students to live God’s Word by confidently walking out their Christian belief.

Conversational Style

Apologia textbooks and notebooks are written to students in a conversational tone so that students can easily navigate through the curriculum on their own. Apologia curriculum helps students methodically learn, self-check, and master difficult concepts before moving on.

Written From A Biblical Perspective

The study of science is not a purely factual endeavor; it is intimately linked to our knowledge and acknowledgement of our Creator. Knowledge of God gives meaning to scientific data; it permits us to know the truth not only in concept, but also in encounter.

What Our Customers Are Saying

In high school I took five Apologia Science courses. These resources allowed me to pursue my goal of becoming a medical doctor. I am currently using  Advanced Biology to study for the MCAT. I recommend your curriculum to whomever I can.


All four of my children love their science textbooks and journals, because it honors God. It thrills them to see God get credit for His awesome creation. Thank you for the excellent resources. I always recommend your products!


I am a senior in college pursuing a double major in Biology & Chemistry. I’ve received several awards for my research in  chemistry. I would not have been able to participate at this level without the Apologia Science courses in high school.


I have never seen my 7-year-old light up with such understanding of science before. Who knew a second grader could understand lift and drag! Apologia is the science I’ve been looking for since we started homeschooling 5 years ago.


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Voted #1 For Over 12 Years In a Row