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Your Kids Can Know the Bible!

Teach your children to know, love, and live God’s Word by showing them how the books of the Bible fit together to tell the grand story of God’s love for His people. Once they see and know the big picture, even kids can read the Word with purpose, passion, and real understanding.

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If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to get your children excited about the Word of God, look no further. The Word in Motion is an excellent Bible curriculum to ground children in Scripture and help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

– Ginger Hubbard, best-selling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and co-host of the Parenting with Ginger Hubbard podcast


The Word in Motion is an easy-to-follow, highly engaging, biblically sound, and beautifully illustrated Bible study textbook and notebook for every student. Rachael Carman has made difficult concepts easy to understand and has written a curriculum that will give your children a solid base on which to build. I highly recommend both the Old and New Testament volumes of The Word in Motion.

– Todd Wilson, Founder of Familyman Ministries and the Smiling Homeschooler


This curriculum is so amazing. It regularly brings me to tears while teaching it to my kids.
– Amber Reed


It is wonderful to see this concept of a multi-sensory curriculum made available to teach the next generation the most important history of all – His Story!  The Word in Motion belongs in every home.

– Nancy, grandparent

The Word in Motion Bible Curriculum

Designed for K-8th Grades

Apologia’s The Word in Motion is a two-volume homeschool Bible study curriculum that equips families to read the Word of God with passion, purpose, and big-picture understanding. In volume 1, students will explore the people, places, events, and all thirty-nine books of the Old Testament. Volume 2 covers the people, places, events, and all twenty-seven books of the New Testament. Along the journey, students will gain a deeper understanding of how all the parts of the Bible fit together to form a single, glorious story of God’s love for humanity and His plan for our redemption.

Developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible, this curriculum also gets kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible!

The Word in Motion Bible curriculum takes the intimidation out of teaching Scripture by combining:

  • Streaming Videos with Vibrant Illustrations
  • Engaging Narratives
  • Compelling Discussion Questions
  • Memorable Character Profiles
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Apologia’s The Word in Motion: Old Testament is the first volume in an illustrated, two-part homeschool Bible curriculum that equips students to know, live, and share the Word of God. Your kids can know the Bible!

The Advantage Set includes the hardcover textbook, streaming video lessons, an audio download, and Notebooking Journal. It is recommended for grades K-8.

Old Testament Advantage Set

Apologia’s The Word in Motion: New Testament is the second volume in an illustrated, two-part Bible curriculum that equips students to know, live, and share the Word of God.

The Advantage Set includes the hardcover textbook, streaming video lessons, an audio download, and Notebooking Journal. It is recommended for grades K-8.

New Testament Advantage Set

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The Word in Motion is just what families need to get excited about learning the basics of God’s word! At a time when the church desperately needs to be more biblically literate, this gets us back on God’s path and moves us in the right direction.

– David & Jason Benham, Best-selling authors and nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs


This versatile, nondenominational, and thorough Bible curriculum can be used as a family or with an individual child. The combination of video, attractive graphics, and well-written lessons will enhance your student’s knowledge of God’s Word. In a world that needs more understanding of the Bible, I endorse this curriculum without hesitation.

– Rev. Dr. Newell, Author


Apologia’s Rachael Carman has created the most incredible Bible curriculum! If you desire for God’s word to be a foundational part of your family and children’s lives in a way that sticks with them and keeps them coming back for more, then The Word in Motion is for you! God’s word is full of adventure, life, and discovery, and that is the heart behind this amazing curriculum! The Word in Motion is biblically solid, engaging, and life-changing. I highly recommend it to any family.

– Aby Rinella, co-host of the Schoolhouse Rocked podcast


The Word in Motion proactively incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles with lessons that lend themselves to students engaging with God’s Word, their parents, and their teachers.

– Jan S, Curriculum Director at a Private Christian School


It’s rare that I find a curriculum that is so engaging that I’m looking forward to what comes next! With The Word in Motion, I’m constantly wondering what’s next to help us remember important people, places, and events from the Bible.

– Tiffany, Homeschool Hideout

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Old Testament

Watch a sample video lesson.

Take a look inside the book and noteboook.

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New Testament

Watch a sample video lesson.

Take a look inside the book and notebook.

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Your children will enjoy this Bible curriculum no matter what their learning style is!

The Word in Motion uses hand motions as a starting point for an expanded curriculum that engages the heart, head, and hands. Although the course employs multiple learning styles—visual, auditory, verbal, and kinetic—the motion element gets kids up and moving while giving them a tool for learning and remembering every major character and event from both the Old and New Testaments. The motions incrementally build on one another as you progress through the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it called “The Word in Motion”?

    The Word in Motion was developed by Apologia in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible, whose popular live events are designed around families learning a series of motions and key words that tell the story of the Bible from beginning to end. Adapted and designed specifically for homeschooling families, The Word in Motion uses these motions as a starting point for an expanded curriculum that engages the heart, head, and hands.

  • What grades is this series designed to teach?

    The series has been designed for use with elementary and middle school students, grades K–8. However, the series is appropriate and instructive for family members of all ages.

  • Does it matter if we start with the Old testament or New Testament?

    Yes and no. Although each volume of The Word in Motion will stand on its own and constitutes a complete course of study, Apologia strongly recommends beginning with the Old Testament. Knowing the key people, places, events, and themes of the Old Testament will build a solid foundation for students to have a clearer understanding of the events recorded in the Gospels as well as the teachings of the New Testament.

  • Does this course require a lot of preparation to teach?

    Not at all. Like most Apologia products, the Word in Motion curriculum doesn’t require a teacher’s manual, nor is there any preparation time involved! The lesson plans included in the notebooking journal provide clear directions as to what to do each day.

Meet The Author

Rachael and her husband, Davis, own Apologia Educational Ministries, a leading publisher of award-winning, creation-based curriculum for home educators. A mom to seven and “Coco” to three, Rachael is a twenty-five-year homeschool veteran yet is still energized by affirming, encouraging, and equipping the next generation of homeschooling families to answer the call.

In 1995, Rachael Carman walked into the executive offices of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries with a baby on her hip and proposed adapting their signature live events into a full-blown Bible survey curriculum for families to study at home. Now, after twenty-five years of prayer, Rachael is excited to present The Word in Motion: Old Testament and The Word in Motion: New Testament.

A respected speaker and author, Rachael has traveled the world, speaking at conferences, retreats, and teaching God’s Word to parents and children. Her books How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? and How to Have a HEART for Your Kids are winsome calls for moms to live each day at the foot of His throne.

Dates with her beloved, dark chocolate, afternoon tea, reading a good book, butterfly gardening, beach walking, and bike riding—these are a few of her favorite things. More than anything else, Rachael is passionate about studying the Word of God and challenging and inspiring others to strengthen their faith by deepening their walk with the Lord.

Connect with her online at and the Let’s Talk Homeschool podcast.

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