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12 Resources to Study Weather with Students

Vicki Dincher|January 3, 2017

Ever planned a family picnic only to have it rained out? Rather than think of it as missed outing, look at this as an opportunity to study weather with your children.

We all want to plan our outdoor events for when the weather is prime. Of course, you can just pick a time and hope for the best. Or you can get your students involved in learning weather forecasting skills and making educated predictions instead!  Keep reading as we share resources and ideas to study weather as part of your homeschool.

Forecasting the weather, in large part, depends on observing what the weather is doing now elsewhere. You can start an exciting unit to study weather with your students using these four simple ideas:

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science includes a chapter on weather, including weather forecasting. You can find instructions for a month-long weather observation and prediction experiment and a log to record students’ findings in the accompanying student notebook.

Here are a few more great weather websites to visit:
Weather Wiz Kids
Exploring Weather
Brain POP
Science Kids
UCAR Center for Science Education
National Weather Service – Lightning information and safety

Woman's headshotVicki Dincher holds a master’s degree in biology. Her four children, all homeschooled, have earned or are pursuing graduate degrees in the sciences. Vicki has taught high school science, including Advanced Placement courses, since 1995. She remains active in her local homeschool community as director of Creative Home Educators Support Services (CHESS) and creative director for Encore! Home School Productions. Vicki has authored Apologia’s line of Student Notebooks for junior and high school science. Vicki and her husband, Jerry, live in Camp Hill, PA.