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30 Reasons “Why” We Homeschool

Rachael Carman|March 11, 2024

I recently graduated my youngest child from our homeschool. Amazingly, I wrote this article after a mere seven years under my belt, and it is still timely today. I hope it encourages you, meets you right where you are, and provides some direction and answers for the questions you are struggling with today.

Homeschooling Was Not In the Plan

Believe it or not, I actually used to make fun of homeschooling families. I got into all of this the hard way, but there is no other place I would rather be than at home learning with my children. Numerous professional reports and statistical data have pointed to the merits of homeschooling. In a society that is quick to question such issues as educational excellence, socialization, teacher qualification, and college entrance test scores, these reports clearly show that homeschooling is not just a viable option and a growing trend but that it is a common denominator for the emerging leaders on college campuses and in communities today.

Sharing My Homeschool Testimony

As I have homeschooled, I’ve shared my journey with other homeschooling parents and those considering going down this path. I’ve explained how we came to this decision, how God went before us, His Holy Spirit convicted us, and we made it only by His grace. I’ve talked about all the people God placed in our lives, what He has taught us on this journey, and recounted the day Davis took our oldest son out of the system. I was standing in our house as they walked in the door, and my husband led us into this homeschooling adventure. I’ve tried to communicate what God has done in my life as a result of this decision.

Why Do We Homeschool?

Now you know some of the who, what, when, and where of our journey into homeschooling. But why do we homeschool? Well, that is a difficult question to answer. There are many little reasons, all based on one big reason. Since we started, our reasons have grown, changed, focused, and refocused. I get asked “why?” often and unfortunately find myself all worked up trying to convince someone whose arms are crossed and whose mind is closed. I have begun turning the question around. Here are some of the many reasons from a slightly different perspective for your consideration. 

30 Reasons “Why? “

30. Why not spend more time with your kids?

29. Why not fear God instead of man?

28. Why not take back control of your family’s schedule?

27. Why not die to yourself more every day?

26. Why not teach as you learn?

25. Why not walk by faith?

24. Why not spend an afternoon exploring the wonders of God’s creation?

23. Why not have school 24/7?

22. Why not eat lunch at home?

21. Why not protect your children’s innocence?

20. Why not make learning a family adventure?

19. Why not be different?

18. Why not answer the call?

17. Why not take the road less traveled?

16. Why not walk alone?

15. Why not center your curriculum on the Bible?

14. Why not trust in a faithful God?

13. Why not seek God instead of yourself?

12. Why not linger over breakfast instead of rushing out after it’s over?

11. Why not accept being misunderstood and misrepresented?

10. Why not focus on the eternal instead of the temporary?

9. Why not snuggle with your kids mid-morning with a good book?

8. Why not choose the wisdom of God over the wisdom of man?

7. Why not miss the school bus?

6. Why not admit you can’t do this and just sit back and watch what He can do?

5. Why not let go of all of your expectations and embrace His plan?

4. Why not diligently seek and follow only Him?

3. Why not do things as one family instead of separate individuals?

2. Why not center your curriculum around your individual kids instead of the group?

1. And here’s a big one: Why not take a chance on experiencing a Red Sea parting, walls-of-Jericho-falling, enemy-destroying, Covenant-keeping, Salvation-providing, water-walking, blind-curing, lame-restoring, deaf-healing, dead-raising, thousands-feeding, Son-sacrificing, Son-resurrecting, help-providing God every day?

So, why do I homeschool? Why not?!

I’d love to have you join me. You can’t do this, but He will give you the strength to make it possible. It’s time to stop trying to figure it all out and step out in faith.