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Choosing the Best Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Rachael Yunis | January 7, 2024

Society unconsciously forgets God. But everything—visible and invisible—began in love. Christian homeschool curriculum from Apologia places everything in its proper place so that what begins in love also ends in love. God is present always and everywhere, so why should courses like science and math exclude Him? The Psalms tell us to seek His face constantly. They certainly don’t tell us to exclude God if we’re seeking to learn about our world.

If you listen closely to the majority of public and private school students, you’ll hear many of them ask, “When will I ever need to know this in real life?” Let’s be honest—far too often, the educational system fails our students by introducing “stuff” that is void of meaning into the classroom.  They take it out creation-context.

Worse yet, once students take their exams and schools document “progress” for statistics and funding, they never think about most secular curricula again. 

Our children are actually “$tudents” in the public and most private school sectors, and there are consequences that can be felt through multiple generations.

Secular curriculum locks students into a box that dislocates human beings from the world in which they live. Taught as a group leads to thought as a group, and all individuality is stripped away along with critical thinking skills and, more importantly, purpose.

Question – Explore – Discover

Apologia has always recognized that in their quest for knowledge, humans are trying to understand what God already knows. 

We start with the premise that God exists and is the Creator of everything visible and invisible. We build our curriculum upon this solid foundation. And it is what gives meaning to the facts taught in each of our courses. Knowledge should always be a gift to your children that expands their world, and that can only be done when you recognize that “It is he who made us and not we who made ourselves.” (Psalm 100:3)

Apologia wants your kids to enjoy their homeschool experience.  Actually, we want them feeling fascinated by it, totally in awe of God’s creation. School is a success if, at the end of the year, your children have an appreciation and an understanding of the beauty of creation and a desire to learn more. We want them to fully comprehend that there is order in our universe. And once they start to understand that order, school will not be a series of classes but rather a means to understanding everything that surrounds them!

From preschool through 12th grade, Apologia courses strive to provide a personal encounter with our Creator. We design our curriculum to provide us with a glimpse of what God already knows and what we are merely discovering or contemplating. Apologia sets the groundwork for students to spend a lifetime learning, always remembering that they are a unique part of something bigger than what we can explain with a textbook.

Our job is to help each child discover that a Christ-centered education is fundamental for a well-lived life. As Christian educators, we strive to give students an awareness that all true knowledge points us back to Christ so that students can go beyond mere facts in a textbook and apply their understanding in humble acknowledgment of the transcendent mystery of God.

Solid Courses in Concert with God’s Word.

With hundreds of first-place awards, Apologia is the #1 publisher of God-honoring curriculum for the homeschooling market, focusing on the joy of learning through human curiosity while maintaining and building upon a strong connection between the parent, student, and God.

Pray, discern, and contemplate if the curriculum choice you are making fits with your worldview. Knowledge, faith, and experience make up your worldview. Without these, your view of the world would be incomplete. Homeschool allows you to control all three elements of your child’s worldview and ensures that the curriculum you use is the right choice for your family. If you are seeking a curriculum that teaches your students to know the truth, then we ask that you consider Apologia.

Apologia is best known for its award-winning science curriculum. That’s where we started. Getting the science right is the easy part, but that’s just the beginning for Apologia science books. Too often, society thinks there must be a split between science and faith. The news would have us assume that no scientist could ever believe in God, and likewise, science is inconsistent with God. That just isn’t true. Apologia’s science curriculum connects science to God’s creation, allowing students to be both scientific and faithful.

In your Christian homeschool, your children will learn to connect and explore the knowledge they are gaining with a faith-filled worldview. Science, math, and literature can be taught in a manner that is consistent with God. We share with your children how it is possible to study any course and see the connections to creation.

Conversational Learning

Apologia’s curriculum presents the subject matter in a uniquely conversational tone. We don’t want to talk to your children; we want to talk with them. Not only does this help engage your children, but it also simplifies self-learning.

Apologia’s conversational style encourages your children to stop and think about bigger concepts, make creation connections, and see the beauty of everything surrounding them.

The ability to think, observe, create, and, most importantly, communicate is what makes us human and separates us from other life forms. Your children will learn how to argue a point intelligently and logically. They will be comfortable explaining complicated concepts in their own words.

The Big Picture

Well-written material permits a child to engage with larger concepts. At Apologia, we believe that the Author of Creation has instilled in us a curiosity to explore the unknown, and in the journey, we will become closer to our Creator.

Christian study provides us with a glimpse of God’s thoughts. What a wonderful gift that is to pass on to your children. Apologia is honored when you choose our award-winning curriculum to help your children learn about God’s creation.  We realize that God alone rules over all aspects of our universe, and we will always give glory to Him as we give you and your children the best curriculum to inspire your children to investigate, discover, and discuss His creation.

One generation will commend your works to another;

they will tell of your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4