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Creative Homeschool Classroom Ideas for Engaging Learning

Alyssa Esposito | January 4, 2024

Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life -Charlotte Mason

No matter your educational upbringing, we can all agree that the learning environment makes a huge difference in a student’s education. It can affect how well they retain the information presented, how many subjects they study, the depth in which they study them, and their entire attitude about learning.

As homeschool parents, that’s likely one of the many reasons you took the plunge. You know that being surrounded by family, in a comfortable environment catered to your family’s needs, Biblical perspectives incorporated into every subject, and the flexibility to go outside, play with the dog, or take a snack break foster a positive learning environment.

Whether you prefer to do school where you sit or have a designated workspace, we have some great ideas to help you fan the flame and create the most engaging learning environment for your family. Here are four key home classroom ideas.

Avoid Clutter by Saving Space

Keep your environment engaging by keeping your space free of clutter. This helps students stay focused and keeps moms sane!

  • Murphy desks– Mount a collapsable desk to the wall! Not only does this save space, but it also indicates when it’s time to work and provides a change in the environment when it’s time to play.
  • Creative Homeschool Classroom Ideas for Engaging Learning - DeskGroup desk– If you want to make learning more of a family activity or if you have more than three kids, one large desk might be a great way to go. You don’t necessarily need a second kitchen table; instead, just turn your kitchen table into your classroom.
  • Floating shelves– If you want to personalize your student’s space or spruce up the room without taking up valuable floor space, hanging shelves are a great option.
  • Bins, Baskets, and Containers– One of the best things you can do to help your space not feel constantly overrun with school is to stay organized. Cleaning up after themselves is a great chore for your children to do every day, and it’s a lot easier for everyone if there is a system in place regarding where everything goes.
  • Multifunctional items– Another great space-saving tip is to find organizational items and furnishings that are multifunctional.

Remember, Not all Schools Have Four Walls

Enjoy the benefit of schooling at home with the flexibility of learning wherever the wind takes you, whether that’s outside or simply in a different room of the house.

  • Portable rolling carts– Sometimes, there’s just not enough space for a designated classroom; other times, you may prefer the flexibility of working in any room. If this is you, the rolling carts will be your new best friend. Stock them with books, pencils, manipulatives for the day’s activities, snacks, and more.
  • Create a space for school outdoors– This is especially a great option if you live in a temperate climate. You can make this a “pop-up” school (involving some set-up and tear down) with a picnic blanket, camping chairs, or large tent or repurpose your shed, garage, or picnic table as your permanent outdoor classroom.

Create a “Fun” Atmosphere

Make school feel like home- because it is! Children don’t need bland walls to learn. If anything, it might be the opposite!

  • Comfy Chairs– In the public and private school sector, chairs are stiff and severely lack cushion. So, take advantage of being at home by having some cozy seats.Creative Homeschool Classroom Ideas for Engaging Learning (2)
  • Arts & Craft Supplies– Take a trip to your local dollar store and stock up on art supplies. Keep them visible and easily accessible.
  • Light– Hang up some fun lights around the room for a cozy atmosphere, and try to get as much sunlight as possible.
  • Personalized Workspace– It’s always nice to make a space your own, which applies to a school space just as much as a workspace. Let your children work together to decorate the school room, or let them pick out a few things to spice up their individual workspace.
  • Color– Make the room colorful and a reflection of your family and your family’s values. 
  • Set Up A Bluetook Speaker– Audiobooks can be a great way to help students learn to read while giving mom a chance to rest her voice. Background music can also set the stage for a relaxing and enjoyable environment.
  • Pets– If you have pets, allow them to roam freely into your family’s learning space. Dogs are frequently used for therapy for a reason. They provide comfort.
  • Reading Nook– Create a cozy space that encourages your students to read. This can be used for individual reading time or family reading time.
  • Snacks– Have healthy snacks available! Having school at home allows your children the benefit of not having to go hours without access to food and water like those in public schools.

Make Space for Moving Around

Keep those kinesthetic learners and high-energy students motivated with space to move around!

  • Dancing and shaking out the wiggles– It’s important to avoid clutter for several reasons, one being that your kiddos need some room to get up and move. One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that your children don’t have to sit at a desk without getting out of their seats all day. Give them the freedom and build the habit of getting up every hour (your FitBit tells you so for good reason!)
  • Creative Homeschool Classroom Ideas for Engaging LearningHands-On Activities– Along the same lines, try to leave space or get easily moved furniture so you have room to do things like hand motions for The Word in Motion, arts & crafts, playing musical instruments, and doing science experiments. These will all require a little extra space now and then, so it’s important to remember this when planning your school room’s setup.

There are dozens of ways to fan the flame of your student’s learning journey by providing them with an engaging learning environment. Every family is different, and that is a great thing, so lean into this homeschooling adventure. Take advantage of all of the opportunities and benefits you have to design your student’s schooling environment and make school a happy place to be by blending the comforts of home with the joy of learning.