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Empirical Evidence – Verifiable Faith

Apologia Marketing|July 28, 2019

“What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the Word of Life…” 1 John 1:1

Empirical Evidence – Test with the Senses

Notice in this verse how John testifies to the truth by what he heard, saw, and touched. All of this was empirical evidence of the risen Lord. Empirical evidence is what scientists base their discoveries on; it’s what you can test with the five senses. This kind of evidence is easy to believe because it’s tangible.

Faith is Not Blind – Our Assurance is Based on Empirical Evidence

Lots of people think faith is blind, but that’s not what the disciples taught. Instead, the disciples repeatedly shared the good news of Christ by telling everyone what they had seen and what they had touched. They wrote down their eye-witness testimonies because they didn’t want people to believe blindly; they had empirical evidence! Coming to faith is often the effect of what we have experienced with our senses, and many people need the extra assurance that the statements in the Bible are based on empirical evidence.

Our Faith is Verified by the Disciples

We must remember that not everyone is wired the same. There are many parts to the Body of Christ. Some are blessed with the gift of faith and have no need for empirical evidence: they just believe. Others struggle with faith and need more concrete evidence. Therefore, it is good to know that our faith is not based upon feelings or “blind faith” alone. Peter, Paul, John, and the other disciples repeatedly spoke about what they had seen. They shared their eye-witness testimonies and shared empirical evidence. Their accounts were verifiable by their contemporaries and continue to act as a catalyst for the faith of Christians today.

Think Divinely: Some people need verifiable facts to
place their faith in Christ.

Lisa Quintana is a Christian Apologist and blogs at She is a former broadcast reporter and left her career to stay home and raise her two children. She also homeschooled her son during his middle school years, while earning a Master’s degree in Apologetics at Biola University (Dec. 2017). She now teaches classes at her church in Madison, Wisconsin, and has been happily married for over 26 years.

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