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Support Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

Alyssa Esposito | March 17, 2022

Help Your Child Thrive with Homeschool Resources to Support Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

We all know that each child is incredibly unique. From one child or sibling to the next, the differences are vast. As a homeschool parent, you become aware of each child’s distinct facial characteristics, mannerisms, interests, preferences, motivators, and learning styles.

In the public, and even private, school systems, there is such a large student-to-teacher ratio, that they have had no choice but to condense curriculum, schedules, and teaching methods to a one-size-fits-all approach. But, as we all know, one size does not fit all.

There are many benefits to homeschooling, and having the ability to customize your child’s education to their individual needs and interests, is just one of them, albeit a BIG one!

As a result of the one-size-fits-all approach, public school students can often find themselves discouraged, undermotivated, falling behind, or bored. The generalized approach and rigid schedule can leave children with less overall retention and comprehension and a distaste for learning.

“Studies through the years have shown that homeschooled students consistently score higher than their public and private school peers on standardized tests and win awards and scholastic competitions in disproportionate numbers…Homeschool parents have a wonderful opportunity to instill in their kids a lifelong love of learning…you can customize a curriculum that considers their interests, plays to their individual learning styles, and allows them to learn at their own pace.”    – Davis Carman

At Apologia, we want your children to develop a lifelong love of learning, which is why we’ve developed curriculum resources in a variety of formats to help your children thrive by learning in the style that best suits them.

In an article by, the author of Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style, explains that students inclined towards the reading/writing learning style are likely to learn best by reading on their own and taking notes. Auditory learners tend to be more musically inclined. They respond well to being engaged in conversation about whatever topic they are learning. For children who are primarily visual learners, things like graphics, charts, and watching demonstrations will be extremely helpful in understanding the information. These students often have a wild imagination, strong attention to detail, and enjoy things like arts and crafts.Kinesthetic learners lean more towards athletics, find themselves fidgeting while processing information, and prefer hands-on activities. And finally, social learners typically learn best by interacting with others.

So how can you, as a homeschool parent, support each of your children in their varying learning styles? Explore Apologia’s resources to help your homeschool children thrive.

Reading/writing learners will do well with our traditional textbook and notebooking journal curriculum. Our textbooks are written in a conversational tone that acts as the teacher. Our notebooking journals encourage students to think through the information they just read to answer questions and complete activities that help solidify the information.


Auditory learners will benefit from our textbook audio narrations and CDs, where students can listen to the textbook being read to them. This is great for flexible homeschooling (listen to it anywhere!) and for strengthening your child’s reading level by having them read along with the narration.




Kinesthetic learners will enjoy the interactive experiments in our science curriculum, the hands-on activities in the 3-part learning progression (concrete, pictorial, abstract) used in our elementary math curriculum, and the motions used to learn the books of the Bible in The Word in Motion Bible curriculum!



Visual learners would do well with our video resources, such as streaming video lessons or our Self-Paced courses which have the video lessons built into an all-in-one student portal. In these videos, Sherri Seligson, provides video lessons and also demonstrates experiments so students can independently setup experiments at home.



Social learners will excel in Apologia’s Live Classes, which have been voted #1 for science and Bible. Choose from over 40 different classes where your child can interact in real time with their classmates and instructor in a virtual classroom environment with time set aside for discussion and questions.

If you are still unsure what your child’s learning style is, here is a quick, 15-question quiz to help narrow it down.

For more information and tips to succeed in your family’s homeschooling adventure, download these free e-books from Apologia!

how can you, as a homeschool parent, support each of your children in their varying learning styles? Explore Apologia’s resources to help your homeschool children thrive.