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Enhance Your Student’s Learning With Online, Interactive Teaching from Incredible Instructors

Homeschooling AwardsApologia’s live, online homeschool classes offer live instruction through our interactive portal, access to the teacher when your student is struggling with a specific course topic, and the flexibility to also have access to the recorded version of the class. Apologia’s Live Online Classes have been voted #1 and class options include science, math, art, literature, history, apologetics, Bible, worldview, and foreign language. These live, interactive, and dynamic online classes for homeschooling students are for grades 7-12. Our goal is to come alongside your homeschool and assist students in learning the materials and mastering the subject.

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Hear From Our Students


I am going to miss this class and your teaching style. You take the time to answer questions, make sure that everyone understands the material, and always ask if people are having difficulties hearing or watching videos. I want to say thank you for your consideration. You have a gift, and I pray you continue to use it and thrive! I will miss my fellow students in the class because they made it fun and enjoyable.

– Student


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful two years of science courses! Not only did I learn a lot, I enjoyed it too. Your teaching made the material much more understandable while tying the concepts into the real world.

– Student


I started at Penn State this past year studying engineering as a seventeen-year-old. I just wanted to let you know how well your class prepared me for college courses. I finished both semesters with a 4.0.

– Student


I just received feedback on my first college lab report and received a score of 100% and an excellent review from my professor. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put in to help me learn how to write a good lab report.

– Student


I want to thank you for being my teacher this year. I have a stronger knowledge of Christian apologetics and more of a need to become closer to God.

– Student


I used to be bullied at school because I was different, but in your online classes, I felt as though I could actually interact with others without them seeing how different I am. I felt that for the first time, I actually belonged. I liked that feeling so much; I have decided to take more online classes with Apologia. Thank you and everyone at Apologia for helping me feel this way. God bless you all at Apologia for the wonderful work you are doing.

– Student

Explore the Class Catalog


  • Astronomy
  • General Science
  • Physical Science
  • Biology
  • Marine Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Advanced Biology
  • Physics
  • Health and Nutrition


  • Fundamentals of Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Economics & Personal Finance


  • Latin 1
  • Latin 2
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2

Art & Literature

  • Advanced English Literature
  • American Literature
  • Art Appreciation
  • British Literature: A Journey to Narnia
  • British Literature: Shakespeare
  • English Literature 101
  • Movies and Meaning


  • American Civics
  • American History
  • World History

Apologetics / Bible / Worldview

  • A Survey of Competing Worldviews
  • Advanced Apologetics
  • Defending Christianity Against Atheism & Darwinism
  • Defending the Christian Worldview
  • New Testament Survey
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • What We Believe 1
  • What We Believe 2

Over 40+ Homeschool Classes to Choose From

With Apologia’s Live Online Classes, you will receive:

  • Live, personal, and professional instruction by qualified teachers
  • Privacy for each student because they cannot be seen on camera
  • Well-planned class time with teacher-prepared lectures to assist students with what they have studied during the week
  • Time set aside for discussion and questions
  • Student portal and study site available 24/7, which includes all notes, the class syllabus, assignments, tests, quizzes, audio and video clips, discussions, and other extras
  • Teacher-graded assignments, tests, quizzes, and papers
  • Full access to previously recorded classes and our professional virtual classroom

Want to be the first to know about enrollment for 2023-2024?

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The Parent's Role

Parents should verify that their family’s homeschool operates within the guidelines of their state of residence.

We strongly suggest parents follow up on their child’s completed assignments, assist with labs, and, if necessary, observe quiz and test-taking.

As the authorized educational institution, your homeschool is responsible for keeping all records, grades, transcripts, and other documentation necessary to be accepted by other schools, colleges, or universities.

9 Ways to Help Your Homeschool Student Succeed in Their Online Classes

The teachers of our online homeschool classes are committed to delivering an excellent online learning experience for your student. Below they share some must-know tips to help your homeschool student succeed in their online classes.

  1. Online learning provides many opportunities to develop time management skills. It is a skill that sets employees of all levels apart from others. Offer two time management strategies to your student at the beginning of the year, and allow them to choose one and use it. Encourage your student to find one that fits their learning and operating styles. If it doesn’t work for them, discard it and try the next one. Ownership and natural consequences are fundamental to successful self-governance.
  2. Choose your online classes well. You want teachers committed to inspiring and helping your children. You want teachers who connect your child’s schoolwork with their faith in Christ.
  3. Help your child hit the ground running when the school year starts. Have the required texts and materials on hand, go to the open houses, get to know the teachers, and be sure that you and your child are clear from the start about what they require.
  4. Trust the Lord to help you and your children through the school year. Embrace for yourself and teach your children the truth that the Lord loves you and wants to help you through every subject, every challenge. Teach your children to see every bit of their schoolwork as part of their walk with Him. When we work faithfully, we honor Him. Asking for His help when they are struggling is a way to learn to trust Him more with every part of their lives.  Asking for His forgiveness and help to do better when they have not worked faithfully is a way for them to experience His grace.
  5. Create a quiet, well-lit environment for online classes, free of visual, physical, and competing technological distractions.
  6. Help your student stay on course with the online class syllabus/schedule. It’s easy for online students to get caught up in their schedules; they forget to honor the course schedule for their online class. Students should add their online class time and assignments to their planners.
  7. Students should break the weekly assignments into five parts. Do one part a day. Diving up the work will ensure they are doing the subject every day. Plus, this helps students get their assignments completed and turned in on time.
  8. Using headphones and being directly connected to the router will give the student the best possible experience with the least glitches, allowing them to engage and benefit fully during class.
  9. As a parent, you need to be involved in your child’s online classes. Make sure to check up on them often to see if your child is completing their homework, attending class, and turning in their assignments. Check-in with them at least weekly, but monthly may be sufficient for you.


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