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5 Homeschool Marriage Sticking Points

Apologia Marketing | December 27, 2017

Have you ever considered how homeschooling might affect your homeschool marriage? We tend to talk about how homeschooling can improve your relationship with your kids. However, if you know where the sticking points are, you can avoid the trap of letting home education become a sore spot between you and your spouse and negatively affecting your homeschool marriage.

Homeschooling isn’t just an educational choice; it’s a lifestyle. For most of us, it’s a pretty radical change from how we grew up and what we expected our grown-up family life would be like. Those who’ve embraced the homeschool lifestyle know it can be wonderful. Still, any major life change is stressful, whether it’s a new baby, a major relocation, or the decision to become your children’s teacher as well as their mom.

5 Areas Where You Can Build Up the Homeschool Marriage and Avoid Sticking Points:

And while Dad needs to give his homeschooling wife extra praise, consideration, and support, Mom needs to save some emotional energy for her spouse. The marriage is the foundation of the family, and it’s a poor trade-off to send your children to Harvard and have a cold, lifeless relationship with your life mate. Mom, try taking a short nap with the kids or unwind a bit before Dad comes home from work. Or some set aside some “couple time” each week to talk, relax, and reconnect. Don’t put your husband’s friendship on hold because it doesn’t come with a standardized testing date at the end of the year.

Long before there were schools or textbooks, God created marriage as a testimony of His love for His people. When we build a stronger, deeper, and more awesome relationship as man and wife, we’re laying the foundation for our children’s understanding of God and strong relationships with their future spouses. That’s a kind of education we can all get behind!

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