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Introducing Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6

Alyssa Esposito | April 18, 2024

Introducing Apologia’s newest elementary math title, Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6. This title completes Apologia’s elementary math curriculum series.

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6, students will learn all about fractions and ratios, rates and probability, and negative numbers. They’ll also receive an introduction to algebra to prepare them for higher-level math courses. Units are presented along with fun, hands-on, interactive activities to help students make connections between the information they are learning and the real world so they can see the important role math plays in everyday life. But perhaps the most important aspect of this course is teaching students through mathematics how our Creator is present in their lives.

Below is a list of topics covered in Level 6.

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Curriculum Series Overview 

Exploring Creation with Mathematics is a complete 1st-6th elementary math curriculum with short, hands-on lessons and an open-and-go approach. It is intentionally designed to help your child unlock the power of numbers and build a strong foundation so they can have math confidence.

Right from the start, the tone in our math series, Exploring Creation with Mathematics, lets students know that they will study math as a tool to help them understand their unique place in the universe. Every unit begins with a “Seeing Our Creator” section that places the concepts coming up in their proper place—back with our Creator.

In these courses, your student will find:

  • Seeing Our Creator devotionals connecting math concepts to God and His creation
  • A suggested daily schedule with thoughtful, systematic pacing
  • Skills practice
  • Hands-on activities, games, and projects using the provided activity sheets and household products
  • Colorful, age-appropriate lesson layouts and page design
  • Options and suggestions for customizing a lesson to meet your child’s needs
  • Supply lists, answers to the problems, teaching tips, and suggestions for taking an activity further

Mathematics 5 Basic Set Lesson 41Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5, students will learn about whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry and measurement, percents, and graphing. This hands-on, interactive math curriculum is filled with activities, practice problems, projects, and games that will help students comprehend lessons. Students will also see the connections between math, science, business, art, our world, and our universe. Most importantly, students will begin to see how the study of math points to our Creator.

Math 4 Basic Set Unit 4

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 4

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 4, students learn multiplication on a higher level, along with division, geometry, measurements, fractions, and decimals. Each unit takes students on a journey of discovery that makes common, age-appropriate connections building the strong foundations that are crucial for success in higher levels of mathematics.

Math 3 Basic Set Lesson 46Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 3

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 3, students will grow more proficient in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and learn more about data collection and graphing, begin fractions and jump deeper into geometry. Through activities, projects, and games that guide your student’s comprehension of using numbers in everyday life, this curriculum also encourages your child to ponder creation on a new level.

Math 2 Basic Set Inside

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2, students explore place value, patterns, addition and subtraction, money, time, measurement, data and graphs, and geometry. This course was designed to cultivate a love of numbers while building on students’ ability to use numbers and mathematical symbols. It is filled with activities, projects, and games that help students understand how they can manipulate numbers as they investigate the world. Students will also see the greater connections between our world and our God.

Math 1 Basic Set Lesson 47Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 1

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 1, is a hands-on, interactive math curriculum.  In level 1, students learn addition, subtraction, place value, measurement and data, and geometry.


About the Author

Kathryn Gomes, M. Ed.

Kathryn is the author of the Apologia math series Exploring Creation with Mathematics. A homeschooled student herself, Kathryn (Bell) Gomes holds an M. Ed. in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught math to homeschooled students for many years and is very familiar with the challenges of learning math at home.

Kathryn spent three years teaching mathematics in inner-city Philadelphia through Teach for America. She then taught in the most ethnically diverse high school in Pennsylvania. During this time, Kathryn designed Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 curricula for English Language Learners. Now one of her great passions is improving mathematics education for homeschoolers by increasing rigor while still maintaining the creativity and free-thinking that she enjoyed in her schooling.

Approach & Recommended Daily Schedule

The Exploring Creation with Mathematics series utilizes a mastery approach with lots of review. The author connects the topics using a built-in review with the skills practice sections. Hands-on projects introduce and reinforce concepts in a deeper way.

The author moves through the material following a specific progression and 4-step approach. Each lesson utilizes problems and projects and begins with a tangible presentation, then moves through a pictorial presentation of the concept, followed by an abstract presentation, and finishes with an application activity. The projects apply math to the student’s life to foster an appreciation for math and help them look forward to doing math every day. Our elementary math curriculum builds mastery of math concepts with built-in spiral reviews to set a strong foundation for young learners.

This math series is designed with thoughtful pacing. Your student will progress systematically from one skill to the next, which is essential for eliminating frustration. Any student can be successful in math and go all the way to advanced math if we present math to him or her one chunk at a time to ensure your student doesn’t miss a crucial concept.

The suggested Daily Schedule included with each course is based on four days a week for 28 weeks. We encourage you to adjust it to the needs of your child and your family’s schedule.

On average, each lesson takes 30 to 45 minutes. However, this time may vary if your child is taking a hands-on project a little further or needs a little extra time to complete a skills practice. On a typical day, your student will review concepts previously learned for about 5 to 10 minutes, participate in a fun, hands-on activity that introduces a new concept, and then apply the new concept by working through practice worksheets.

What’s Next?

Depending on your student’s strength in mathematics, you can choose one of the two courses below as their next step after completing Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6.

Fundamentals of Math

This class prepares students to excel in pre-algebra and provides a smooth transition to high school math.

Grade Level: 6th & Up (recommended)

Class Dates: Aug 21, 2024-May 7, 2025




This class eases the transition from arithmetic to algebra and illustrates how mathematics can be used to manage God’s creation for His glory.

Grade Level: 7th – 9th (recommended)

Class Dates: Aug 21, 2024-May 7, 2025