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Introducing Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition

Alyssa Esposito | May 15, 2024

In Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition, students will explore the science of God’s physical laws of creation as they study chemistry, physics, earth science, and science research concepts. Students will complete labs and hands-on projects throughout the course for an immersive learning experience with practical application.

Students will experience the awe and wonder of God’s creation through an exploration of the atoms that make up everything and the scientific forces that govern our world.

Written from a biblical worldview, Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition, bridges middle and high school science courses and creates a solid foundation to prepare students for higher-level science courses.

Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition, is written to excite and engage students with rich, conversational text and hands-on learning through labs and activities. To achieve mastery of the topics, students will answer daily comprehension questions, review study guides, and complete tests. We believe your students’ education should prepare them for life, not just academics. So, we’ve strategically designed a curriculum that will give your students an understanding of the world around them and the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry.

This course is designed to be the last science course a student takes before high school biology.

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New Edition Changes

Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 4th Edition, has the same table of contents as the 3rd edition, but it has been significantly updated and revised, which will assist students in progressing through their studies.

Advanced Concepts

In each module, students can dive deeper into more challenging content with a new component called Advanced Concepts. This edition was intentionally redesigned to be more easily adaptable to students at a variety of learning levels and interests, providing visual cues that allow students to study at a more basic OR more advanced level—all within the same textbook. These sections allow science-minded students to challenge themselves and expand their learning with additional rich content, study guide questions, and test questions.

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New components

Along with the new edition of the audiobook that has always been offered with Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition, several new components are offered in this new edition to supplement your student’s learning experience and best suit his or her learning style.

NOTE: The components of the Physical Science, 4th Edition course are not compatible with the 3rd edition.

Video Lessons and Experiments

In the streaming video lessons for Exploring Creation with Physical Science, Sherri Seligson provides instruction on each module of the textbook, using visual animations and on-location video clips. Additionally, the videos include experiments, labs, and activities so parents and students can better understand how to complete the experiments and activities at home.

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AutoGrade+AutoGrade+ provides dynamic online testing for Apologia courses with multiple attempts, immediate answer feedback, and automatic grade recording.

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Self-Paced Course


A Self-Paced course will continue to be offered for Exploring Creation with Physical Science, but it will correlate with the 4th edition.

The Self-Paced Course includes a digital version of the 4th edition textbook, an audiobook narration, video lessons and hands-on experiments, and automatically graded tests.

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What’s Next?

Once your students have completed Physical Science, they will be ready for high school Biology. We offer several ways to take this course in order to best suit the needs of your family’s schedule and your student’s learning style.

Biology Live Class

Apologia’s Live Biology class is a lab-based, college-preparatory biology course. It provides a detailed introduction to general biology methods and concepts and includes various in-depth experiments, including dissections.

Live Class BiologyThroughout the course, students will gain a strong background in the scientific method, microscopy, biochemistry, ecology, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution as compared to intelligent design, and the classification kingdoms in creation, all with a heavy emphasis on biological vocabulary.

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Biology Self-Paced

In Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, students will gain an appreciation of God’s creativity and the world around them as they discover how the designs of the simplest living things contain the fingerprints of the Creator.

All Apologia courses are written directly to the student, so even complex topics are accessible and easy to understand.

With Apologia’s award-winning Self-Paced Biology course, students will receive one year of access (from the date of purchase) to a self-directed, online homeschool curriculum. This course includes a digital version of Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, an audio narration of the textbook, video lessons and hands-on experiments, and automatically graded tests.

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Biology Super Set

Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, is designed to be your student’s first high school science course. It is also a college-prep biology course that provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology.

Biology Super Set Inside 2In this course, your student will learn how to think critically beyond the textbook & contextualize to real life, conduct experiments methodically & interpret results, design experiments from beginning to end, and hold a logical discussion on God & science based on facts and beliefs.

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