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4 Homeschool Moms Answer Your Top Homeschool Questions

We received incredible feedback from our free Homeschool Bootcamp, and many of you asked us to share more practical advice with real stories from moms who are in the thick of homeschooling.

We’re excited to bring you “Moms on a Mission”, where we ask four homeschool moms some of your top questions. You’ll hear different perspectives from each mom as they share practical advice, tips, and what has worked for them in their own homes.

Your Top Questions – Answered

  • Day-to-Day Academics

    How long is a typical school day?

    Do your children do every subject every day, or split subjects up throughout the week?

    How do you handle “catching up”?

  • Teaching Multiple Ages

    How do you advise handling teaching children of different ages?

    What is taught together, and what work is done independently by each student?

  • Schedules and Tracking Progress

    How do you plan progress markers and meet state requirements while still allowing for a flexible schedule?

  • Fostering Independence

    How do you foster independence in your children, especially with each child being motivated differently?

  • Handling Discipline

    How do you deal with disrespect or bad attitudes from children during the school day?

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