Choosing the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Grades Kindergarten Through High School


Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooling parent or a parent considering homeschooling your child, selecting the best homeschool curriculum is always a blessing because you know your child best. You have your child’s best interests at heart. And most excitingof all, you have options that will help you plan your child’s homeschool curriculum to fit their learning style, interests, and abilities.

The first time you visit a homeschool curriculum store or step into a homeschool convention hall, you may not know where to start in your search for homeschool resources or you might find the huge quantities of options to be overwhelming. But you can easily overcome this mindset. See, your options as awe-inspiring. You are no longer in the realm of one curriculum choice fits every child in a brick-and-mortar schoolroom.

We’ll give you some tips for selecting homeschool curriculum to help you match your child’s learning style with a variety of homeschool curriculum options. Apologia is trusted in the worldwide homeschooling community, has been publishing homeschool curriculum for over 20 years, and has received over 110 #1 awards for 13 years in a row. We are continually voted the best homeschool curriculum in science, government, and biblical worldview categories.


What Homeschool Curriculum Topics You Will Find on This Page

I just want to thank you for making such awesome curriculum! I studied both your biology and chemistry high school courses, and they inspired me to pursue a career in biophysics. Thanks to your chemistry course, I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA in college.

Questions to Ask Before Researching Homeschool Curriculum?

Take some time to think about your goals for both you and your student. You are both important, if you want to enjoy the homeschooling journey. A stressed-out parent or a student crushed under a homeschool curriculum that doesn’t fit is probably not part of your homeschool vision, and it doesn’t have to be. Having a checklist to reference as you research homeschool curriculum and define your objectives can help ease anxiety when it comes time to purchasing for your homeschool.

In the following sections we present some questions to consider before you start reserching and purchasing homeschool curriuculum. We also provide you a specific checklist once you begin your research in earnest.


Questions for Parents:

  1.  Identify which subjects you enjoy teaching and which ones you don’t. Be honest with yourself. No parent should ever feel the pressure to teach every subject. This will help you know if you are looking for a homeschool curriculum that you will teach (or guide if your homeschool student is older and more independent), a curriculum that has video instruction available, or a curriculum that is taught at a local co-op class or in an online class that your student will enjoy.
  2. If you have multiple children, decide whether you will do some multi-level teaching—using homeschool curriculum resources that can be taught to a variety of ages and grade levels at the same time.
  3. Consider the prep time the curriculum requires—and make sure it is realistic for you. Explore and know your curriculum options. Review samples before purchasing, like the samples we have available of our print homeschool curriculum and audio/digital curriculum resources.
  4. Review samples of our elementary, middle school, and high school homeschool curriculum
  5. Watch video samples of our middle school and high school homeschool curriculum
  6. Review your budget. It’s easy to overspend and when that happens, it’s easy to feel pressured to finish out a curriculum that is making everyone miserable. Get the crucial items on your checklist first and then expand if the budget permits.
  7. Seek out reviews and friends’ opinions. We all ask for recommendations, don’t be afraid to join an online forum to see what others are saying.
  8. Pray and seek God’s guidance and help. Homeschooling is a walk of faith. Knowing Him will give you the peace, assurance, confidence, and grace needed to successfully homeschool.

Questions Related to Your Student:

  1.  Do your research and know what courses, if any, are required by your state. Allot time in your student’s calendar to succeed in these areas.
  2. Have your child review some curriculum options once you have narrowed the choice for your needs. If options A and B are equal in terms of your commitment, let your child have the deciding vote. This gives your child some ownership and responsibility for his or her own education.
  3. Let your child soar in his or her unique talents. Co-ops are a great place to enhance a particular interest like computer programming or play writing. Once you’ve decided on the core curriculum, make sure you add in time to nurture your child’s God-given talents.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, consider your child’s learning style. Understand that your child’s learning style will dictate how a subject is taught, more than it will dictate a particular curriculum choice. Just make sure that the curriculum you are choosing can be adapted to your child’s particular learning style.

Checklist for Selecting & Buying  Homeschool Curriculum

As you research a homeschool resource, use the checklist below to help navigate the options and features, while considering your family’s and student’s needs. This checklist is included in Apologia’s FREE Curriculum Planning Guide. See the section below.

Checklist for Selecting Homeschool Curriculum

  • Does the worldview of the curriculum align with that of our family?
  • How much does the curriculum cost?
    • Does it fit within our budget?
    • Are there samples online I can view?
    • What is the return policy for printed materials? Digital materials? Online or self-paced courses?
  • Is it user-friendly?
    • How much and what type of prep is required?
    • Are there supplies we will have to gather and are they easy to obtain
    • Does it fit my teaching style and our family’s schedule?
    • Is this a topic I want to teach with multiple children at one time, and will it work for multiple ages?
  • Does this homeschool curriculum fit my child’s learning style?
    • Will this resource challenge and engage my child?
    • How will this curriculum work with any special learning considerations, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, etc.?
  • If the course is for high school:
    • How many credits will my child earn?
    • Does it fit into the overall high school plan my student has?
    • Will it help support my student’s post-high school graduation goals
  • Is it print, digital, online, or a combination?
    • If digital or online, what are the hardware specs?
    • Will our internet speed work with the online portion?
    • Are we renting for one year or purchasing?


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How Does My Child’s Learning Style Fit Into Selecting Homeschool Curriculum?

We believe in helping homeschool students achieve their full potential and realize that there are multiple learning styles. When you choose an Apologia curriculum, you are not just selecting a static textbook. We design our homeschool curriculum line with your students’ needs in mind.

Here are four learning styles and how you can help select the homeschool materials that will best support your student and help your homeschool succeed.


 Independent Learning

Apologia textbooks and notebooks are written to students in a conversational tone so that students can easily navigate through the curriculum on their own. Our homeschool curriculum helps students methodically learn, self-check, and master difficult concepts before moving on.


Auditory Learning


Sometimes students learn best when they can see and hear the materials they are studying. Our audiobooks are the text of the course read aloud to the student. Students can follow along with the audio or use the audio by itself if they are away from home.


Visual Learning


Sometimes the subject matter in your child’s homeschool curriculum is easier to comprehend when the topic is animated and presented by a knowledgeable instructor. Apologia’s Video Instructional DVDs enhance students’ educations with over 20 hours of instruction, including on-location video footage, PowerPoint lectures, animated diagrams of difficult concepts, and video presentation and explanation of all experiments.

Social Learning 


Some homeschool students thrive when they can interact with others in an online setting and ask questions of a live instructor when needed. With Apologia Online Academy, students can interact in real-time with both their classmates and a professional instructor in a structured virtual classroom. Also, we offer recordings of all our live classes on the Apologia Online Academy Video-On-Demand Channel.

I have never seen my 7-year-old light up with such understanding of science before. Who knew a second grader could understand lift and drag! Apologia is the science I’ve been looking for since we started homeschooling 5 years ago.

Where Do I Purchase Homeschool Curriculum?

Before purchasing a homeschool curriculum, check your state laws and regulations regarding homeschooling.

 There are several options for purchasing homeschool curriculum. These include:


  • The web site of homeschool curriculum publishers, like Apologia. The publisher often has enhanced product pages, product videos, Frequently Asked Question sections, and more detailed information.

  • In-person homeschool conventions. There are many conventions and conferences held each year by state and local homeschool organizations and private groups. Homeschool curriculum publishers, like Apologia, may have speakers and have their curriculum on display at these events.

  • Local book stores and homeschool curriculum stores. Check with your local homeschool support groups for information on where to browse and purchase homeschool curriculum locally. Local homeschool book stores are also a great place to learn about local groups, events, or even meet other homeschooling families!

  • Online retailers. There is a variety of online homeschool retailers who sell Apologia’s homeschool science, math, and worldview curriculum, as well as hundreds of other curriculum products.

Why Select Apologia’s Homeschool Curriculum?

For over 20 years, Apologia’s homeschool curriculum resources have been developed and updated by a team of homeschool parents and advocates with the mission of helping homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. Apologia’s Science, biblical worldview, and government curriculum have received over 100 #1 awards, voted on by homeschooling parents who have used our curriculum.

It is important to recognize that textbooks are only tools, not the education itself, and that there is a distinct difference between facts and knowledge. Too many students (and parents) believe that science is only a compilation of rigid facts, and they get caught up in memorizing details instead of understanding whole concepts.

It’s our duty as homeschool parents, teachers, and curriculum providers to remember that curiosity, observation, and questioning are not only enjoyable, but also really important in science.  It is curiosity that makes us look closely at something that has piqued our interest.  That interest and time spent observing something leads us to ask questions, and questions lead to learning and gathering information about our world.

Homeschool Curriculum Offered by Apologia

We publish creation-based science curriculum for grades K–12, math for elementary grades, award-winning biblical worldview studies for six to fourteen-year-olds, Apologetics studies and Constitutional Literacy for high school students, and practical resources for homeschooling families including the Ultimate Homeschool Planners for moms, teens, and students.

We produce content that is written to the student in an engaging conversational style. Our textbooks are academically sound, rigorous, and college-prep. Each one is also Christ-centered, creation-based, and adheres to a biblical worldview. Our books are beautifully designed inside and out and manufactured using the highest-quality materials.

Use the links below to learn more:

 Did You Download the FREE Homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide?

How do homeschooling parents begin to research curriculum and select the homeschool curriculum that best fits their child’s learning style, their family’s homeschool style, and their family budget?

How can homeschooling parents consolidate their plan when they have multiple children and have to account for multiple ages and varying learning styles?

Apologia has prepared a FREE homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide to help you identify and outline goals and plans for your curriculum choices.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Five must-knows before selecting a curriculum from a mom of 7 with over 22 years of homeschooling experience. Are you missing any of these tips as you research and select curriculum?
  • Tips for homeschooling multiple ages from a homeschool mom of 4. If you are homeschooling various ages, you need these tips!
  • A homeschool curriculum planning sheet where you can journal more extensive notes for each child and each subject. These planning sheets are the perfect place to record all the ideas you brainstorm based on each child’s needs and learning style!
  • A subject planning chart you can complete for each child in your homeschool as you begin to solidify your plan and research resources
  • Two different prayer journal pages where you can record prayers for each child as you reflect and plan. Make multiple copies and use them throughout the year as you work and adjust your curriculum choices..

Download your FREE guide by scrolling down on this page and entering your email address  below, then check your email inbox for Apologia’s Homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide.



What Others Are Saying About Apologia’s Homeschool Curriculum

“I must say that I’m beyond impressed with Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition.  I review several college science textbooks, and I just wish I saw such attention to the detail, depth, and incredible graphics as I do in this course.”  – College Professor

“We love the Young Explorer Science series! It is written in narrative that we read aloud together as a family. This curriculum is perfect for multilevel teaching. The the companion journaling notebooks are not the usual garden variety notebook, but a complete, well-organized learning aid in itself.” – Homeschool Parent

“I’m an RN and am very impressed with the level of detail in Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology. I’d say it’s almost on level with a college-level anatomy class. My 10th grader is using this for his science this year and loves it!” – Homeschool Parent

“We have used Apologia Science since we began homeschooling six years ago. After leaving the public school, my girls have truly enjoye learning this subject from a creation standpoint, which is very important to all of us. I believe Apologia to be a very thorough curriculum that challenges my children to think deeper than most other curriculum.”

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