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Award-Winning Bible-Based Physical Science Homeschool Curriculum

Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition, is designed to prepare your 8th or 9th-grade student as they transition into high school Biology. This science course teaches atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical bonds, reactions, motion, forces, energy, waves, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, Earth’s structure, weather, and atmosphere.

Recommended Grade Level: 8th – 9th grade

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About Apologia’s Physical Science Course

  • Written Directly to the Student

    Using a conversational style of writing, the student will feel as if they are participating in the learning process as the text speaks directly to them.

  • Topics Covered in this Physical Science Course

    Topics covered in this Physical Science course include:

    • Basic Science
    • Chemistry
      • Properties and States of Matter
      • Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
      • Chemical Bonds
      • Reactions and Energy
    • Physics
      • Motion – Forces
      • Energy
      • Waves and Sound
      • Light
      • Electricity and Magnetism
    • Earth Science
      • Our Earth
      • Our Atmosphere and Beyond
    • Chemistry and Physics in the Life Sciences
    • Physical Science Research
  • Hands-on Experiments and Lab Report

    While your student will complete all experiments, only one formal lab report is required per module. In our curriculum, your student is instructed on both informal and formal lab report writing techniques and will have a clear understanding of how to document all of their work in their notebooks. We walk through every step and explain why it is essential.

  • Flexible Daily Schedule Provided

    A flexible daily schedule is provided in your student’s notebook so that they can independently work on their science assignments.

    A typical week requires studying science about 1 hour a day for 5 days. During this time, students read an assigned portion of their Physical Science textbook, stopping throughout each section to answer “On Your Own” questions to test their comprehension before moving forward. Students self-check their answers against the detailed answers provided at the end of each module.

  • Online Course Options

    Apologia’s homeschool middle school physical science course is available to come alongside your homeschool through Apologia’s Live Online Classes. If your student would benefit from live instruction in an online classroom setting, check out Apologia’s Live Online Classes and our Recorded Class options.

  • Bonus Resources in Book Extras

    You can unlock book extras bonus content with an access code provided in the course materials. Within book extras, you’ll find resource links and videos for a more in-depth exploration of the topics covered in physical science.

Physical Science Textbook Module 3

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