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Lucee Price

Lucee Price

B.S. Limnology

As an ‘almost’ Native Floridian, having moved to Florida from Washington DC at the age of 6 years, I live in the land of sunshine, have been married to my super cool husband since 1995 and have 2 daughters. We have home educated our children since birth (24 years!). I fell in love with science during my first college Biology class, and realized there must be a Creator behind all the majesty, beauty, and order. Therefore, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Florida and enjoyed working in the field of Limnology (Fresh Water Biology) for a brief while until God blessed us with a child. In May 2023, I earned a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University Online and believe that the Lord has given me yet another way to share His great love for His people.

Since being promoted to the profession of motherhood I have used many Apologia curriculums with my children and others at home and in co-ops. My role as a teacher for Apologia Live Online Classes began in 2013 and I have cherished sharing in the excitement of knowing more about creation and the Creator with students. It is my deep desire that as we investigate the Lord’s Creation this year, we would all come to know and love the Creator more. I look forward to getting to know YOU as well!