Online Learning Your Way

Learning Materials That Are Always Biblically Based

Our self-paced and live online classes are always taught from a biblical perspective. Our mission at Apologia is to helpf families learn, live & defend the Christian faith.

Select The Optimal Schedule for Your Student and Homeschool

Allows your student to organize a course plan to fit their schedule best.  Plus, free up your schedule to homeschool your other children, work from home, or enjoy extra family time!

Access to Highly Qualified Instructors

Credentialed instructors teach our self-paced & online courses. Many instructors have advanced degrees, are homeschoolers, and have taught in homeschool co-ops.

Stay Organized & Save Planning Time

Your time as a homeschool parent is valuable. Often we are trying to balance homeschooling, working, running errands, and spending time together as a family. Our self-paced and live online courses save you time with planning and grading of assignments and tests. 

Match Your Student’s Learning Style

Give your child every advantage to succeed by selecting the online learning option that best fits their learning style. Our online learning options offer audio, video, e-books, and a class setting with a teacher and peer interaction to suit visual, auditory, hands-on, and social learners.

Enjoy Apologia Award-Winning Curriculum

Many of our online learning courses through Apologia Self-Paced and the Apologia Online Academy use Apologia’s award-winning curriculum, including science, biblical worldview, and Constitutional Literacy. Apologia has received over 100 #1 awards for 13 years in a row!

Apologia Self-Paced

Self-Paced by Apologia is a self-contained online environment that presents the same award-winning Apologia Science courses your family has always enjoyed and trusted. It is designed to provide students a flexible, personalized, and interactive learning opportunity.

Live Online Classes

The Apologia Online Academy has been voted #1 for live online science and Bible courses. Our course catalog includes over 40+ courses. If your student learns best interacting with a teacher and alongside fellow students, learn more about the Apologia Online Academy!

Video On Demand

Rent full courses or class sessions recorded from the Apologia Online Academy classes, taught by seasoned instructors. On-Demand courses work well when your student is relatively independent in their studies but needs occasional assistance with understanding more difficult concepts.

What Families Are Saying About Apologia Online Learning

I was a physics student of yours two years ago and started at Penn State this past year as an engineering major. I just wanted to let you know how well your class prepared me for college courses. I finished both semesters with a 4.0. I attribute my interest in science and engineering to your passion for science and your teaching skills. Your class put me on the path towards engineering, and I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you. Keep up the excellent work!

I was in your chemistry class. I am currently at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in preparation to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. The chemistry teachers here have informed me that (you) my high school chemistry teacher did an outstanding job instilling in me the foundations of college chemistry. I am using all of the skills I used in your class, and it’s helping me to keep ahead and excel in the classroom.

Thank you for the tremendous job you are doing with this class! We have been very pleased with the presentation of content and the timeliness with which you return graded projects. As a homeschooling mother, I know how demanding life can be and wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated!

Thank you to the Apologia Online Academy for making a difference and equipping this generation to STAND FOR TRUTH!  It means so much to parents. Be encouraged that God is using you to equip others to serve him. God bless you all. To Him be the honor and glory and praise!

I have a stronger knowledge of Christian apologetics and more of a need to become closer to God. You have answered my most confusing questions that held me at a distance from God.

The thing I liked best about the online class was the way we were able to communicate with other kids to get their opinion on the module we were studying.

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