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2nd Edition

Advanced Biology AutoGrade+


Take the guesswork out of grading and simplify Advanced Biology with AutoGrade+ from Apologia.

Apologia’s AutoGrade+ is a curriculum add-on that provides dynamic online testing for Apologia courses with multiple attempts, immediate answer feedback, and automatic grade recording.

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As students advance in their Advanced Biology coursework, Apologia’s AutoGrade+ online testing tool allows students to assess their mastery of the material before moving on. Test scores are automatically generated, which saves time for parents and gives students more independence.

NOTE: To use this testing product, you will need access to Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology, 2nd Edition.

How Does AutoGrade+ Work?

Dynamic Online Testing

Students log into their account and select the test corresponding to the completed module. The AutoGrade+ dynamic online testing platform is designed to cater to diverse learning styles, and a test bank ensures that questions are different if a student chooses to retake a test. Immediate feedback is given to students and a grade is automatically generated and recorded.

Multiple Tries

Reinforce learning and improve performance with Apologia’s AutoGrade+ by allowing your student to repeat a test if necessary to master the materials.

Extensive Test Bank

Access a vast repository of high-quality questions related to the subject matter, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the course.

Immediate Feedback

There’s nothing worse than missing a question on a test and not knowing why. AutoGrade+ is designed to give your student the feedback necessary to understand a missed concept and review the material again.

Auto-Graded Assessments

Say farewell to manual grading! AutoGrade+ automatically grades assessments, providing accurate and efficient results that take the guesswork out of manually grading assessments.

Track Grades

Your AutoGrade+ account will keep track of grades throughout the year for easy reference and record-keeping. A record of test grades can be printed for a portfolio or transcript.

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