Optional MicroCHEM Kit


This is a kit for serious chemistry students who want more challenging lab experiences! It contains 26 chemicals, 27 pieces of equipment, a handy storage container, and a well-organized manual with 17 lessons. The kit contains enough supplies for every experiment to be completed 5 times. Recommended as an optional lab set for students who would like to do additional hands-on experiments.

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Referenced in the 2nd edition AND 3rd edition of Exploring Creation with Chemistry, this kit is for those students who want to do extra experiments and includes everything they need.

Supplies included in this kit:

Complete instruction manual.


9-volt battery

15mL, 30mL, 150mL plastic beakers

50mL glass beaker

Capillary tubes

Chromatography paper

Conductivity apparatus

Cotton swabs

Electrolysis device

Felt-tip pen with black, water-soluble ink

10mL plastic graduated cylinder

1.0mL measuring spoon

Graduated, mini, and thin stem pipets

Plastic toothpicks

96-well reaction plate

24-well reaction plate

Rubber bands

15 cm ruler

Safety goggles

Fine sandpaper

Spring clamp

6 x 50 mm test tubes

12 x 75 mm test tubes

Celsius thermometer (-10? to 102?C)

Washing bottle

Wire gauze

Wood splints

Lab Manual

Chemicals and other supplies:

Acetic acid, 0.1 M solution

Calcium nitrate, 0.1 M solution

Copper nitrate, 0.1 M solution

Hydrochloric acid, 0.1 M solution

Lead nitrate, 0.1 M solution

Potassium Hydroxide, 0.1 M solution

Potassium idodide, 0.1 M solution

Sodium acetate, 0.1 M solution

Sodium hydroxide, 0.1 M solution

Sodium oxalate, 0.1 M solution

Sodium sulfate, 0.1 M solution

Sodium thiosulfate, 0.1 M solution

Zinc nitrate, 0.1 M solution

Magnesium sulfate

Potassium hydrogen phthalate

Cetyl alcohol

Palmitic acid

Bromophenol blue indicator


Phenolphthalein indicator paper

Universal indicator paper






Lab Experiments in the kit correlated with Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry:

1. Paper Chromatography (to be used with Apologia’s Module 4)

2. Melting Points, Super Cooling (Module 4)

3. Electrical Conductivity of Several Solutions (Module 3)

4. Mole Ratios (Module 6)

5. Double Replacement Reactions (Module 11)

6. Oxidation-Reduction (Module 16)

7. Decomposition (Module 5)

8. Boyle’s Law (Module 12)

9. Charles’s Law (Module 12)

10. Solubility Product Constant (Module 11)

11. PH and PH Indicators (Module 15)

12. A Microscale Titration (Module 10)

13. Molar Mass by Titration (Module 10)

14. A Buffer Solution (Module 10)

15. Reaction Rates: The Effect of Concentration (Module 13)

16. Reaction Rates: The Effect of Temperature (Module 14)

17. Electrochemistry: Galvanic Cells (Module 16)

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