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Award Winning Curriculum
Written in a Conversational Tone

2nd Edition

Advanced Biology eBook

Apologia’s award-winning Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition, is part of Apologia’s award-winning science curriculum. It is designed to be completed in high school and is a college-prep level course. This homeschool science curriculum takes an advanced approach to teach your student about the amazing design of the human body and its systems. This is now available as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon.

Recommended Course Grade Level: 12th

Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry

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Apologia’s award-winning Advanced Biology curriculum is written to your student in a conversational tone and cultivates independent learning. The lessons and illustrations are also designed to engage them both analytically and creatively. This course will provide them with an advanced understanding of biology while also preparing them for college-level biology and the ACT.  They’ll learn about the body’s organ systems, ranging from the digestive and respiratory systems to the endocrine and lymphatic systems. It also covers the reproductive system in detail, but is done so with respectful illustrations and descriptions.

Curriculum Overview

From the smallest, most imperceptible parts to the largest, and most familiar ones, this course focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the human body and its organ systems. In this course, your student will be intellectually challenged but also supported as they work through science concepts and thought-provoking (and fun!) experiments. Guided through a personalized format, they methodically learn, self-check, and master difficult concepts before moving on.

In this course they will learn:

  • Foundational Anatomy and Physiology concepts
  • Histology (the study of tissues)
  • Integumentary and Skeletal systems
  • Skeletal Systems Histology and Movement
  • Muscular System Histology and Physiology
  • Skeletal Muscle System
  • Nervous System
  • Central Nervous System
  • Peripheral Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Respiratory System
  • Urinary System
  • Reproductive System

Lesson Plans and Materials

The Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: Human Body, 2nd Edition, Student Softcover Textbook is written in a conversational format with the author talking directly to your student. We guide them through key learning strategies like how to think critically about what they are learning, identify important parts of the information presented, take meaningful notes, and complete experiments.

Suggested Daily Schedule

A suggested daily schedule is included in the student notebook (sold separately) so your student easily understands what is expected of them each day, while also providing flexibility to meet the needs of your student and family.

Hands-on Experiments

Throughout this module your student will connect textbook instruction with hands-on experiments for maximum learning. They’ll get the chance to examine blood, dissect a pig, and do a number of other interesting experiments.

Meet the Authors

Marilyn Shannon

Rachael Yunis

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