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Self-Paced, Online Course
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Auto-graded Testing

Self-Paced A Peep Behind the Scenes

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Spark your student’s love of literature with an Apologia Self-Paced Literature Unit Study.  

A Peep Behind the Scenes Unit Study is one part of a four-part literature course. Students will have access to an audio narration of the novel, video lessons, review questions, automatically graded tests, and optional essay topics. This self-directed Unit Study will provide all the learning tools needed for students to understand and master the rich concepts of the novel.

GRADE LEVEL: 6th-9th (recommended)


About A Peep Behind the Scenes Novel

A Peep Behind the Scenes, by Mrs. O.F. Walton, is a part of the Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series. 

As an actress, Rosalie’s life seems perfect from the outside looking in. However, she is lost and in need of saving, especially when the only one she loves is taken from her. It is through her pain that she comes to realize the Good Shepherd has been seeking her and loving her all along. 

The love of the Good Shepherd is the major theme of this novel. 

What’s Included?

This online Unit Study includes the following:

  • Novel – Students receive access to a digital version of the novel. 
  • Audiobook – An audio narration of the novel enhances online reading and is beneficial for auditory learners or students with reading difficulty.
  • Video Lessons – Instructor Cecelia Schmidt provides video lessons to strengthen students’ understanding of the course concepts.
  • On Your Own Questions – Independent review questions and answers are included to allow students to practice the concepts taught and prepare for tests.
  • Automatically Graded Tests – Students will take tests that are automatically graded throughout this Unit Study.
  • Essay Topics (Optional) – Do you want your student to take their Unit Study a step further? This study includes optional, pre-written essay topics for your students to really dig deep into the novel’s meaning and its application to their lives.

NOTE: You will not receive any physical copies of the novel, Audiobook, or Video Lessons. These items are incorporated into the online, Self-Paced portal.

Engaging Video Lessons

Cecelia Schmidt, published author and an Apologia Live Class instructor, walks students through each book with engaging videos that help your student better absorb the information. You can watch an introduction video below. 

Automatically Graded Tests

The tests in our Self-Paced Literature Unit Studies are designed with automatic grading. After completing a test, students will receive an immediate grade.

One-Year Access

Students will receive access to this Self-Paced Unit Study for one year from the date of purchase. They will complete the Unit Study through the Canvas learning platform.

Additional Unit Studies

In each of the four Apologia Self-Paced Literature Unit Studies, students will read a character-building novel by Lamplighter Ministries. These books aim to strengthen students’ relationship with Christ as they study the Christian themes woven throughout the book and apply those truths to their lives. Students will also learn to think critically about story elements, such as characters, plots, and themes.

Technical Requirements

Before purchasing, please be sure you have read the browser and system requirements for Canvas, the platform on which Apologia’s Self-Paced courses are built. 

Return Policy

Refund requests for an Apologia Self-Paced course must be sent to within 30 days from the date of purchase, with only chapter one having been accessed.

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