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Kathryn Gomes

Author, M.Ed., Speaker, Math Teacher

Apologia’s esteemed math author, nationwide speaker, a homeschooled student herself, Kathryn (Bell) Gomes holds an M. Ed. in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught math to homeschooled students for thirteen years and is very familiar with the challenges of learning math at home. Kathryn spent three years teaching mathematics in inner-city Philadelphia through Teach for America. She then taught in the most ethnically diverse high school in Pennsylvania. During this time, Kathryn designed Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 curricula for English Language Learners. Now one of her great passions is improving mathematics education for homeschoolers by increasing rigor while maintaining the creativity and free-thinking that she enjoyed in her schooling.

Previous Speaking Experience
Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference (Online 2020 and 2021)
CHAP 2019
PHAA 2018 (Keynote speaker)
PHAA 2016
CHAP 2018
Thrive! NCHE 2015

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Session Titles

  • Living Math: Teaching Off the Page in the Charlotte Mason Style

    Math is often taught in isolation, disconnected from the world and the daily experiences of our kids. But math is meant to be taught in context, connected topic by topic to real-life problems and scenarios. Many of us know this but moving beyond workbooks feels daunting and mysterious. Exactly how are we supposed to bring math to life? Kathryn will show you how to invigorate your math program in 3 steps during this Charlotte Mason-inspired math session. You’ll walk away with fresh vision and practical tips that you can start using right away.

  • Toddlers in Tow: What to Do With Your Littlest Ones While You Homeschool

    There is nothing like a baby or toddler to foil the best-laid plans of any homeschool parent. While our littlest ones can seem like a constant disruption, they are a part of God’s plan for our families and our homeschools. In this session, Kathryn will give you fresh inspiration for folding the cuddliest members of your family into your homeschool. She also shares practical tips she has gleaned from homeschool veterans and her own experiences.

  • 5 Key Components to Elementary Math at Home

    Kathryn is the author of the brand new Apologia math curriculum. She also knows the end game with over a decade of experience teaching high school-level math. What are the essential parts of an elementary math program that will set your child up for success in middle school, high school, and even college? This session will highlight the crucial skills that must be mastered and the experiences that will shape your child as a future mathematician. Kathryn fleshes out each point with manipulative suggestions and helpful tips to make math something your child looks forward to each day.

  • 6 Secrets of a Successful College-Prep Math Program

    High school math at home can be an intimidating endeavor. How are you going to teach your kids algebra, trigonometry, or even calculus? Further, will they be prepared by graduation for college-level work? In this session, Kathryn provides practical solutions to some of the common pitfalls of teaching math at home. She also shows you how to harness the strengths of homeschooling to create a competitive high school program. Whether your child is STEM-minded or focused on the humanities, you’ll leave this session with a concrete four-year plan. Kathryn is a home school graduate with seven years’ experience as a high school math teacher; in addition, she has tutored homeschool students in math since high school.

  • What My Mom Did Right, What My Mom Did Wrong (Thoughts from a Second Generation Homeschooler)

    What will your kids think about homeschooling when they’re adults? Kathryn was homeschooled and is now homeschooling her own three kids. Looking back, she reflects on her experiences and those of her siblings. In this tell-all session, Kathryn shares six things she’s grateful for and four that she would go back and change.

  • Learning How To Learn: How Neuroscience Can Help You Homeschool More Effectively

    Have you ever wondered why your child lost so much ground over the summer? Or why their frustration in a certain subject just keeps snowballing? Neuroscience is exploding as a field right now and we know more about the brain and how we learn and retain new information than ever before. The brain is an amazing part of God’s design and the latest research can help us work with that design instead of against it. In this session, Kathryn summarizes the research she found most helpful as a homeschool mom and offers practical tips on how to apply it to your homeschool day.

  • 5 Ways God Used Homeschooling to Strengthen My Faith and Prepare Me to Engage the World

    There will always be a math lesson, science project, or research paper clamoring for your immediate attention. But what about the bigger picture?  How is God using homeschooling to work in your child’s heart? In this session, Kathryn shares how God used homeschooling to build her faith and develop her character and how that is giving her a vision for her own kids. Drawing on examples from her own life, she’ll bring a fresh reminder of how the challenges that your child is facing today are preparing him or her for a life of service in God’s kingdom.