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Tricia Powell

B.S., Colson Fellow GraduateTricia Powell

Tricia Powell is a bi-lingual native of Puerto Rico with a degree in Business Administration. Before answering the call to motherhood, she managed large-scale projects for major corporations. She is a graduate of the 2014-2015 Chuck Colson Fellows Worldview Program. She currently serves on the advisory board of The Hosea Initiative, teaching worldview and its impact on social issues.

Tricia discovered her love of teaching when she volunteered and mentored students in the youth group at her local church. Her desire to inspire continued when she worked for a foreign exchange program where she supervised students from around the world. She hosted seven students of her own during her four-year tenure with this program.

She proceeded to redirect her energy to her first ministry, her family, and began homeschooling her children. She has taught Spanish, History, Government, and Classical Literature at her local co-op. In the Fall of 2015, with the combination of her gifts and experience, Tricia was able to bring worldview training into the classroom for the Apologia Online Academy (AOA). She uses the combination of her gifts and experience to teach the AOA students.

Tricia resides in Florida with her husband of 25 years, two daughters, and their fluffy puppy, Finley. She enjoys reading, glamping (it’s like camping sans the dirt), blogging, and she’s a self-professed coffee addict. She loves to engage the hearts and minds of her students for Christ.

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Session Titles

  • Working & Homeschooling - How to Manage Both & Trust God With the Results

    Do you struggle with the thought of homeschooling if you work? Do you think you will do your child a disservice to work while homeschooling your children? Do you know how much education actually occurs in an institutionalized setting that has time parameters to serve a system, instead of serving a student? In this session, Tricia shares her experiences as a homeschool mom who also worked. You will be reassured that both can be managed well and encouraged to trust God with the end results.

  • Homeschool as a Lifestyle, Not an Assignment

    So, you have a home, a family, a job, and you homeschool. WHAT? Help! Tricia has experienced and lived through this scenario. Over time, she has learned to avoid compartmentalizing each role and instead approach life as a cohesive whole. She fully embraced the homeschool lifestyle while also managing her home, working, and directing her children’s education, trusting God’s grace for sufficiency. She learned that homeschooling is to be lived and enjoyed, not a boring assignment.

  • Worldview? Why?

  • Homeschooling Produces Perfect Children - Right? Wrong.