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Access Recordings of Live Online Classes On-Demand

Rent recordings of full courses or individual classes from the Apologia Live Online Classes, taught by seasoned instructors. On-Demand video courses work well when your student is relatively independent in their studies but needs occasional assistance with understanding more difficult concepts.

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Help Your Homeschool Student Thrive with On-Demand, Teaching Videos

Does your student need extra support in a few courses? Are they struggling to understand difficult concepts?

With Apologia’s Video On-Demand courses, engaging instructors will help walk your student through course material that they can access on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Apologia’s award-winning online classes have been voted #1 and are trusted by homeschooling families across the USA and the world.

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Browse Video On-Demand Courses

Browse video on-demand courses in science, mathematics, government, literature, languages, and Christian worldview.

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Access Incredible Instructors

The videos offered through Apologia’s Video On-Demand option are recordings from the live online classes taught by Apologia’s instructors. These recordings will include not only the teaching portion of the class, but the discussions, questions, and chatbox. These are live recordings, not “studio-produced” recordings.

If you are looking for an option that integrates the Apologia science textbook in e-book format, presents an audiobook option, and has the professionally-produced video instruction material with Sherri Seligson, check out Apologia Self-Paced Curriculum.

Flexible Options for the Video Instruction Your Student Needs

You have the option to rent the entire course for a year or you can rent individual videos for a specific module to help your student through particularly challenging modules.

Renting a Video On-Demand course offers you the flexibility to:

  • Move through the course while still working independently without the assistance of a live instructor
  • Set the schedule for completing the class recordings
  • Work at your own pace
  • Assign your own grades
  • Create your own syllabus, tests (use the test & solutions manual), assignments, lab assignments & schedule, etc.
  • See/hear common questions asked by real students and answered by the instructor

Please Note: You will not have access to the instructor, the syllabus, assignments the teacher references, and you do not receive a grade for the coursework with Apologia’s Video On-Demand courses.

Access Your Apologia On-Demand Videos

  • Go to Vimeo
  • Log in to your Vimeo account
  • Hover over the account icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click on Purchases
  • Access your on-demand videos


Browse our online support center for Apologia Video On-Demand FAQs. 


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