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How to Homeschool with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus

Apologia Marketing | January 10, 2017

Get Started Homeschooling with Confidence

Whether you are getting started with your homeschool journey or have been on this path for some time, we want to help you be confident, joyous, and focused in your homeschooling. Our reasons for homeschooling are often as varied as our families. There are some common threads, however, and struggles we all face at one time or another.  As you research how to homeschool and prepare your homeschool plan, you will find you have even more questions about homeschooling.

Common Questions Parents Ask as They Get Started Homeschooling

As you begin to gather information on homeschooling so many questions arise, such as:

Plus, let’s be honest, some homeschooling days are going to get tough. How do we find the conviction to continue homeschooling?
You are not alone. These are common homeschooling questions every homeschool parent asks as they consider how to homeschool their children. Where do you find answers, encouragement, and guidance?

Where to Get the Homeschool Information You Need

As you research homeschooling, you will find yourself making a long list of questions. There are many plans to be made, and you are committed to doing the best job possible.
Do not be overwhelmed!

There is a comprehensive resource where you will get answers to your homeschool questions and be able to journal your homeschool plan as you get started homeschooling.
How to Homeschool with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus DVD course by Rachael Carman and Leslie Nunnery and published by Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

Rachael Carman is a well-known speaker, author, and blogger. She is married to Davis, the owner and president of Apologia Educational Ministries—the top-rated, award-winning publisher of Creation-based science, Bible, and language arts curriculum for homeschooling families. Rachael is the mother of seven kids and grandmother to one little girl.

Leslie Leslie Nunnery and her husband David founded Teach Them Diligently, the nation’s premier source for gospel-centered homeschool events. With seven years of homeschooling experience from preschool-high school and a passion to encourage and equip homeschool families, this mom of 4 shares her know-how and insights weekly through Teach Them Diligently.

The Key Homeschool Information You Need to Know

In just 15 honest, heart-to- heart sessions, Rachael and Leslie will guide and encourage you through:

The course is available in two formats. Purchase either the DVD and accompanying workbook or rent on Vimeo as a digital edition.

Before you watch each episode, take a few minutes to read the corresponding chapter in the workbook. BONUS homeschool information is included with this study is an online appendix full of helpful how to homeschool resources and additional how to homeschool information.

We hope you’re ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that God has planned just for you.Let’s jump in together and learn How to Homeschool with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus.