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Introducing AutoGrade+

Alyssa Esposito | August 24, 2023

Tired of grading your middle and high school student’s tests? Take the guesswork out of grading and simplify your homeschool journey with AutoGrade+ from Apologia.

This brand-new product offers automatically generated test scores and saves parents tons of time to focus on other tasks. Its dynamic online testing provides students the opportunity to attempt tests multiple times, receive immediate answer feedback, and access automatic grade recording.

By allowing students to test their knowledge when they feel they’ve fully understood the course material, AutoGrade+ equips students to take control of their educational journey.

For just $39, families have the option to purchase AutoGrade+ as a supplement to several of Apologia’s Self-Paced or book-based, middle and high-school-level science courses; Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, Exploring Creation with Biology, Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Exploring Creation with General Science, and Exploring Creation with Marine Biology.

Check out the five key features of this exciting new Apologia offering.

  1. Multiple TriesAutoGrade+ helps reinforce learning and improve performance by allowing your student to repeat a test if necessary to master the material.
  2. Extensive Test Bank – Access a vast repository of high-quality questions related to the subject matter, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the course.
  3. Immediate Feedback – There’s nothing worse than missing a question on a test and not knowing why. AutoGrade+ gives your student the feedback necessary to understand missed concepts and review the material again.
  4. Auto-Graded Assessments – Say farewell to manual grading! AutoGrade+ automatically grades assessments, providing accurate and efficient results that take the guesswork out of manually grading assessments.
  5. Track Grades – Your account will keep track of grades throughout the year for easy reference and record-keeping. A record of test grades can be printed for a portfolio or transcript.