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Living Books About Earth Science

Trisha Vuong | April 30, 2024

We’ve been sharing living book suggestions for different areas of science, and today the earth gets her turn! Earth science covers a large breadth of topics, which makes it fun to investigate.

Earth Science and Charlotte Mason

The Charlotte Mason philosophies have greatly impacted how we design our curriculum. We aim to engage children in the discovery and wonder of His creation. Though a textbook from the outside, the pages within hold stories of life and are written with the child in mind. Our student notebooks leave plenty of room for written narrations, illustrations, copywork (print and cursive), hands-on living science experiments, thought-provoking questions, and self-discovery.

Living Books About Earth Science

Earth Science Curriculum Overview

We believe that your child’s education is at its best when their learning begins with a spark of curiosity. Through practical concepts and things in their world, students will learn and experience that science isn’t just a class–it’s a means for them to discover their world and its Creator!

Your young explorer will begin by learning about the universe, the Earth, and what makes Earth special and capable of sustaining life. Their awareness of the world and its Creator will expand as they learn about the land, locations, atmospheres, and climates of our planet.

Lesson Plans and Materials

There are 14 lessons in this elementary Earth Science course.  Detailed lesson plans, as well as a suggested daily schedule, are included in the Notebooking Journal. This will set you and your child up for success as they work through the course while also providing flexibility to meet the needs of your student and family.

This course covers the following 14 lessons:

Experiments, Hands-On Activities, and Topics

Packed with vivid photos and graphics that bring Earth Science to life, the Student Textbook and Notebooking Journal team up to provide engaging hands-on activities to help their learning stick.

Students will create a galaxy mobile, a Goldilocks Zone, a globe, maps, and crystals. They’ll also do hands-on activities to learn about invisible forces, tectonic plate movements, landforms, sunlight, and seasons, as well as weather and climates.

Listen and Learn

The MP3 Audiobook CD contains a complete audio recording of the Exploring Creation with Earth Science textbook.  This is the perfect accompaniment to the textbook for students who are auditory learners, slow readers, or have other learning disabilities that make reading difficult.

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Author of Exporing Creation with Earth Science

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