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Award-Winning Homeschool Math Curriculum for Elementary Students

Exploring Creation with Mathematics

As a hands-on, homeschool elementary math curriculum, Exploring Creation with Mathematics was designed to launch the student’s mind on an educational journey to learn how numbers help us understand our world and our universe.

This Christian homeschool math curriculum is intentionally designed to help your child unlock the power of numbers and build a strong foundation so they can have confidence with numbers. This elementary educational program will help students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, data collection, graphing, fractions, and geometry.

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Apologia elementary homeschool math curriculum

Open-and-Go with Minimal Prep Required

Apologia elementary homeschool math curriculum

Short, Hands-on Lessons Your Kids Will Love

Apologia elementary homeschool math curriculum

4-Day Suggested Daily Schedule Included

Apologia elementary homeschool math curriculum

Mastery Approach with Built-in Spiral Review



I think I finally found it! I’ve been searching for YEARS for the perfect math curriculum. Something hands-on, that has short lessons and has everything laid out in an easy-to-use parent manual for me. Apologia knocked it out of the park with this one!


We have really enjoyed this curriculum! Easy to use and prep for! Such a natural approach to math! I have tried so many 1st-grade math curriculums. This one is my favorite!


This math has been a game-changer in our house! I would battle so much with my daughter over math. Now, she asks to do it first and sometimes completes more than what is required! Thank you for releasing a product that has given me confidence we can continue homeschooling without the fight every day.


Exploring Creation with Mathematics is the perfect balance of practice problems and hands-on activities. My daughter has loved all the games. I highly recommend it!


I have been recommending your math books to all the homeschool moms. Thank you for everything you contribute to the homeschooling world. We are grateful!


Thank you so much for writing this math curriculum. My son absolutely LOVES it, and we are having so much fun together. Math is his favorite subject, and he looks forward to it every day.


We are several weeks into our Apologia Math book, and my daughter begs to just do one more lesson at the end of every day! Thanks for such a fun math adventure.


We are using Apologia math in our homeschool. My kids never get bored since each lesson uses different manipulatives and activities to teach the concepts. I am so impressed with how well the books are written and especially love using household items as manipulatives!

Exploring Creation with Mathematics Series

Recommended for 1st Grade

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 1, students learn addition, subtraction, place value, measurement and data, and geometry. This is a hands-on, interactive faith-based elementary math curriculum filled with activities, projects, and games that help students comprehend lessons. Students will also see the connections between math, science, business, art, our world, and our universe. Most importantly, students will begin to comprehend how mathematics gives us a glimpse of our Creator.

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Recommended for 2nd Grade

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 2 is a hands-on, interactive Bible-based elementary math curriculum. Students will dig deeper into place value, patterns such as even and odd numbers, addition, subtraction, money, time, measurement, data and graphs, and geometry. Filled with activities, projects, and games that help students understand how they can manipulate numbers as they investigate the world, students will also see the greater connections between our world and our God.

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Recommended for 3rd Grade

Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 3 was designed to encourage your child’s thinking to soar to new heights on a joyous journey of discovering new things about the world and its Creator. In level 3, students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, data collection, and graphing, fractions, and geometry. This hands-on, interactive elementary math curriculum also encourages your child to ponder Creation on a new level.

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Recommended for 4th Grade

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 4, students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, data collection and graphing, fractions, and geometry.

They’ll explore the beauty of mathematics in all aspects of life, including the symmetry and patterns that surround us every day. Activities, projects, and games help students see the beauty, order, and truth of Creation.

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Recommended for 5th Grade

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 5, students learn about whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry and measurement, percents, and graphing. They’ll explore the beauty of mathematics in all aspects of life, including the patterns that surround us every day.

Activities, projects, and games help students see the beauty, order, and truth of Creation – all while making math fun and interactive.

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Recommended for 6th Grade

In Exploring Creation with Mathematics, Level 6, students will learn all about fractions and ratios, rates and probability, and negative numbers. They’ll also receive an introduction to algebra to prepare them for higher-level math courses.

Units are presented along with fun, hands-on, interactive activities to help students make connections between the information they are learning and the real world so they can see the important role math plays in everyday life. 

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Building Blocks for Math Success

With Apologia’s elementary homeschool math curriculum, your child won’t be learning this year’s math facts so that he or she can go on to the next level. Your child will be learning how to expand his or her world with mathematical knowledge.

The courses utilize hands-on activities to introduce new concepts, worksheets for students to practice concepts, games to enhance learning, and end-of-unit projects that involve many concepts learned in that unit. There is a strong emphasis on mastering both math facts and conceptual understanding. The courses link mathematical concepts to the real world, primarily through word problems. And each title is visually connected to a science theme with icons and illustrations such as those related to insects in Level 3.

– Cathy Duffy Reviews, Read the Full Review

Each grade level in the series develops math ideas in a deep and well-thought-out way. The lessons are carefully crafted and steadily lead children towards a lasting understanding of mathematics. We also explain concepts in multiple ways – visually and with tactile options.

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Apologia elementary homeschool math curriculum hands-on

Make Math Connections

The Exploring Creation with Mathematics series will set the tone for your child’s math experience for years to come. The goal of homeschool math is to clarify the connections and relationships between math and life in an age-appropriate manner. Your elementary school child should never be asking, “Why do I have to learn this?” A well-designed elementary Christian homeschool math curriculum will make the connections for your child so they can see and understand the power of numbers and how it all fits together in God’s wonderful Creation.

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Apologia elementary math curriculum on homeschool desk

Christian Connections

While learning math for the sake of math is admirable, Apologia believes that you shouldn’t study math to pass a test, excel in a school subject, or even advance a career. The true purpose behind mathematics is to learn more about the God who created it. Math is a part of Creation and as such, it mirrors aspects of God. We can witness His beauty, faithfulness, and love as we study numbers.

Each unit within the Exploring Creation with Mathematics series helps students make these connections as it opens with “Seeing Our Creator” sections that connect the student with the mathematical journey they are beginning.

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Key Elements in Apologia Math

Fun, Hands-on Activities

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Mathematics combines color, photos, hands-on activities, engaging projects, and games.

The units in Exploring Creation with Mathematics culminate in end-of-the-unit projects that reinforce the math the student has learned through real-world scenarios. We build up to complex concepts gradually, with just enough challenge each day.

Daily Skills Practice

Each day, Exploring Creation with Mathematics has the student spend 5-10 minutes reviewing a previously-learned skill. Easy-to-set-up games and activities are listed in the Teaching Guide and Answer Key. These practice sessions ensure that students remain well prepared and confident with their current knowledge when learning to incorporate new concepts.

Suggested Daily Schedule

A daily schedule is included in the accompanying Teaching Guide and Answer Key for each level, and it can be adjusted to fit the needs of your child. On average, each lesson takes 30 minutes.

The 28 to 36-week lesson plan is broken into 4-days/week. This suggested daily schedule was designed with thoughtful pacing to help students progress from one skill to the next.

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Which Math Level is Right for My Child?

Considering switching math curriculums? Our Math Placement Test will help you to determine which level is the best homeschool math curriculum for your child.

Start by reviewing what is covered at each level of Exploring Creation with Mathematics. We’ve broken down each grade level according to its component units and chapters. Ask yourself, Does my child know this concept? and has my child mastered this concept? Mark each skill according to whether your child knows it well or requires more practice in this area.

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Meet Kathryn Gomes, Author of Apologia’s Homeschool Elementary Math Curriculum

Kathryn (Bell) Gomes holds an M. Ed. in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught math to homeschooled students for thirteen years and is very familiar with the challenges of learning math at home; Kathryn is a homeschool graduate. As a homeschooling parent herself, Kathryn and her tester families have had their hands on this elementary math curriculum long before they approved it for your family.

She spent three years teaching mathematics in inner-city Philadelphia through Teach for America. She then taught in the most ethnically diverse high school in Pennsylvania. During this time, Kathryn designed Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 curricula for English as second language learners. Now one of her great passions is improving mathematics education for homeschoolers by increasing rigor while still maintaining the creativity and free-thinking that she enjoyed in her schooling.

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