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3rd Edition

Chemistry MP3 Audiobook Download


This audiobook version of the Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition textbook is the perfect accompaniment to the textbook for students who are auditory learners, slow readers, or have other learning challenges that make reading difficult. This audiobook is available with streaming access or as downloadable MP3 audio files.

Recommended Grade Level: 10th-11th


Two Ways to Listen

The MP3 files are provided in two different formats.

  • Streaming – Listen to the streaming audiobook in your Apologia account.
  • Download – Download the audiobook MP3 files and listen on the device of your choice.

How to Access and Use the Audiobook

  • You must create a customer account in order to access the audio files. During checkout, either log in to an existing account or create a new account.
  • After purchase, the files will be available in your Apologia account and can be accessed at any time.
  • This product is non-refundable

Preview Samples

Listen to a sample of the audio.

Sample Audio

View the audio track list to find what is covered in each track.

Audio Track List

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“I have used your fantastic curriculum for biology, advanced biology, chemistry, advanced chemistry, and physics. These books have allowed me to pursue my goal to become a medical doctor. I’m currently using your advanced biology to study for the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). Thanks so much!”

-College Student


“Our family enjoys Apologia’s conversational style, familiar to students raised on Charlotte Mason-style living books. We also appreciate the seamless addition of Scripture and Creation information in Exploring Creation with Chemistry; it better prepares us to give solid scientific answers to support our Biblical beliefs without compromising our faith or scientific integrity. Ultimately, there is no better reason to study chemistry, and this is where Apologia excels. Overall, we appreciate how well Apologia’s award-winning chemistry program plucks panicked parents out of the quicksand and sets them on solid Biblical and scientific ground.”

“After completing Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry, your student will be fully prepared for university science classes and will appreciate the complexity of natural science, the beautiful intricacy of creation, and the wisdom of the Creator.”

-Christy Bagasao, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


“The authors have done a great job constructing lab activities with low-cost equipment while providing enough experience for a solid college-prep course.”

-Cathy Duffy,
Review of Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd Edition