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3rd Edition

General Science eBook

The Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition eBook, is part of Apologia’s award-winning homeschool science curriculum for middle school students designed to help them transition from elementary to middle school. This is a true general science course covering a wide range of branches of science and is available as an eBook on Amazon and Apple.

In order to complete this course, you will need the Student Notebook and the Solutions and Tests Manual.

Recommended Grade Level: 7th – 8th grade

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Apologia’s General Science award-winning curriculum is written to the student in a conversational tone. The Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, eBook is a digital version of the student textbook, and is designed to equip middle school students with the tools they need to easily transition from elementary to middle school level sciences. 

This is a true General Science course covering a variety of branches of science including astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, earth study, geology, paleontology, and environmental science modules giving students a solid foundation in that broad field of study.


In Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, eBook students will gain an understanding of the world that surrounds them so they can appreciate the real-world relevance of scientific inquiry and the beauty of Creation.

Students will learn:

  • How to utilize the proper scientific method in a detailed and engaging way.
  • How to record data and report it.
  • How to read, create, and utilize several types of graphs (a skill that is found on SAT and ACT exams!). 

Lesson Plans and Materials

The Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition, eBook is written in a conversational format with the author talking directly to your student. Your student is guided through key learning strategies like how to think critically about what they are learning, identify important parts of the information presented, take meaningful notes, and complete experiments. The student notebook pairs perfectly with this process, providing easy-to-understand graphics where students fill in the blank spaces as they read.

Open-and-Go Daily Schedule

This course is designed to be done 4 days a week. A suggested daily schedule is included in the student notebook (sold separately), so your student easily understands what is expected of them each day, while also providing flexibility to meet the needs of your student and family.

History of Great, Godly Scientists

Throughout this General Science course your student will learn about many great historical and modern-day scientists who studied our world out of a desire to better know God as its Creator. As they engage with the curriculum, they will not only be invited and inspired to better understand science and the world around them, but also the God who created it all.

Hands-on Experiments

In early modules, specific portions of the text are highlighted so students know where to find important information and are guided through the lab write-up process. Although students may complete more than one experiment in a module, they are given the opportunity to choose to complete a single lab report, thus building on interest-driven learning. Lab report samples are provided so the students learn proper formatting. All of the experiments in this course utilize easy-to-obtain household materials to demonstrate complex scientific principles, so no special equipment is necessary.

Explore More with Bonus Hands-on Activities: 
Middle school-aged children still greatly benefit from hands-on exploration, so like our elementary series, we include several optional Explore More activities to allow students to further explore the scientific concepts presented in each module.

Character-building Elements

Middle school students are in a transition period between childhood and adulthood and we believe that emphasizing and cultivating their character is an important step in their development. Thus in each module, parents are encouraged (and guided) to incorporate character performance into their student’s grade.

Test Taking Skill Building

There are tests provided for each module, however, students are given many study tips via their student notes within the Student Notebook, and a practice Study Guide they complete once at the end of each module. The first two module tests are assigned to be given as open-book tests so that students learn the format of this course and more easily transition to improve the skill of test-taking–a valuable skill for upper grades and even college work.

Final Hands-on Project

The final module is a fun and exciting culmination of the course. It has no exam! Instead, your student is given step-by-step instructions to build a Rube-Goldberg machine as a final project. This project incorporates many of the scientific principles learned throughout the year (such as combustion, buoyancy, simple machines, and more). Amidst the set-up instructions, your student will read testimonies from modern-day scientists, sharing how they see God’s hand as they work in their respective fields of science.

Easy Grading

Complete, step-by-step grading rubrics are provided to you as the parent, guiding you as you calculate your student’s module grade from their test, lab work, and character. 

Meet the Author

Sherri Seligson

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Rochelle H.

General Science MP3 Audiobook Download.

Excellent! Just what we needed. Thanks so much!

Brianna C.

Experiment supplies hard to find

I love the self paced course. However, it would be really nice if we could buy the non perishable experiment supplies from apologia like sonlight offers. It was frustrating and time consuming trying to find or buy all the supplies. It was also confusing using the notebook with the self paced course because the the daily checklists don’t line up. It’s not clearly laid out how they match up.

Becky N.

Audiobook is Great

My son has dyslexia so listening to the chapter is much easier for him. The narrator is wonderful and keeps him engaged. It would be nice to have tracks to help us find where we're at each day. It's set up in modules so I have to write down the time stamp to see where we pick up the next day. But overall, it's a great tool for our family. Recommended to us by another mom.



Hi Becky, We're so glad this resource is working well for your son. We do have an audio track list that may be helpful -

Stacie W.

Easy to do & covers all

These studies are fabulous and very comparable to any and all science curriculum. Very well put together, daily lessons, in-depth study for all ages of homeschoolers.

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