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Interactive Live Class
No Parent Planning Required
Taught from a Biblical Worldview

Live Class: Algebra 2

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Solidify the concepts from Algebra 1 by jumping back into the world of problem-solving with Apologia’s Live Class: Algebra 2, led by Katie Pennington, B.S. Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Join students worldwide as you discover God’s design for mathematics through the study of linear and quadratic equations, polynomial expressions, and more.

GRADE LEVEL: 10th – 12th (recommended)
CLASS DATES: Aug 19, 2024-May 7, 2025
DAY OF THE WEEK: Monday, Wednesday
TIME: 11:30 am-12:15 pm ET
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In Apologia’s Live Online Algebra 2 class, students will learn concepts such as linear and quadratic equations, polynomial expressions, rational functions, trigonometry, and probability and statistics. This class will solidify all of the concepts learned in Algebra 1 and prepare students for higher-level math. 

Students will also learn how mathematics is used to serve others and glorify our Creator through real-world applications. 

Prerequisites: Algebra 1
Course Credit: One High School Math Credit

NOTE: Mrs. Pennington will be on family leave for part of the first semester. Students will watch recorded classes and complete course assignments during her absence, and her assistant will be available for questions and will complete all grading during this time. Mrs. Pennington plans to return for the second semester.


View or download the class syllabus.

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Required Class Materials

  • BJU Press. Algebra 2 Student Text. 3rd ed. Greenville, SC: BJU Press, 2022. (ISBN 978-1-64626-475-9)
  • Lined notebook
  • Graphing calculator
  • Computer with microphone

Recorded Classes

All classes are video recorded and available for students to watch later so they don’t miss any instruction.

International Students

We welcome international students from across the world. Please note that all classes are taught in the Eastern time zone. 

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