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The Word in Motion Old Testament Advantage Set

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Apologia’s The Word in Motion Old Testament is the first volume in an illustrated, two-part Bible curriculum that equips students to know, live, and share the Word of God. As kids understand how the books of the Bible work together to tell the larger story of God’s love for people, they begin to understand God better and read the Word with purpose, passion, and real understanding.

Recommended Grade Level: K-8th Grade

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The Word in Motion Old Testament Bible curriculum takes the intimidation out of teaching Scripture by combining streaming video instruction with vibrant illustrations, fun-to-read narratives, engaging discussion questions, and memorable character profiles. It tells the story depicted in Scripture in an easy-to-follow, chronological format that equips your student to know, live, and share the Word of God more. Developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible, this curriculum also gets kids up and moving to help them remember the key people, places, and events from every book of the Bible!

What’s Included In Apologia’s The Word in Motion Old Testament Advantage Set?

This Apologia Advantage Set includes:

When used together, these items provide your student with an optimal homeschool learning experience.

Bible Curriculum Overview

When we offer our students opportunities to learn in different ways (including movement), abstract concepts click, and learning sticks in new ways. Each Old Testament lesson incorporates multiple learning approaches—seeing, hearing, moving, talking, and repeating—in a way that engages your student’s head, heart, and hands. And when they complete the course, students will be able to tell the story of God and His people using a series of keywords, memory verses, and hand motions.

There are 30 lessons total in this course. Lessons 1–15 teach students the story of the Old Testament starting with Creation and culminating in the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem:

  • Lesson 1 Creation & Fall
  • Lesson 2 Flood & Nations
  • Lesson 3 Abraham & Isaac
  • Lesson 4 Jacob & Joseph
  • Lesson 5 Moses
  • Lesson 6 Passover
  • Lesson 7 The Law, the Tabernacle, Offerings & Feasts
  • Lesson 8 Spying, Dying, Second Law
  • Lesson 9 Joshua & the Twelve Tribes
  • Lesson 10 Judges & Ruth
  • Lesson 11 Samuel & Saul
  • Lesson 12 David
  • Lesson 13 Solomon, Bad Kings, & the Prophets
  • Lesson 14 Scattered, Exiled, Returned, Temple
  • Lesson 15 Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, & Waiting for Christ

Lessons 16–30 familiarize students with each of the 39 books of the Old Testament:

  • Lesson 16 Genesis & Job
  • Lesson 17 Exodus & Leviticus
  • Lesson 18 Numbers, Deuteronomy, & Joshua
  • Lesson 19 Judges
  • Lesson 20 Ruth
  • Lesson 21 1 Samuel
  • Lesson 22 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles & Psalms
  • Lesson 23 1 Kings, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, & Song of Solomon
  • Lesson 24 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Hosea & Amos
  • Lesson 25 Jonah, Nahum & Obadiah
  • Lesson 26 Joel, Isaiah, Micah, and Zephaniah
  • Lesson 27 Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Habakkuk
  • Lesson 28 Daniel & Ezekiel
  • Lesson 29 Ezra & Esther
  • Lesson 30 Haggai, Zechariah, Nehemiah & Malachi
  • Quick Reference to the 39 Books of the Old Testament

Open-and-Go Daily Schedule

This course is designed to be done 4 days a week in 30-45 minute segments over the course of 30 weeks. A suggested daily schedule is included in the student notebook so your student easily understands what is expected of them each day, while also providing flexibility to meet the needs of your student and family.

Lesson Plans and Materials

As a parent, you guide your student through the Old Testament coursework. We include a variety of teaching tools for you to leverage so you can do this with confidence. Teaching tools for this course include streaming video instruction, biblical narratives that tell the story in chronological order, discussion questions, character profiles, essential doctrines and apologetics, Scripture readings, full-color visual aids, an overview of every Old Testament book, and insightful articles that bring to life many facets of biblical history and culture.

Engaging Video Lessons Included

Each lesson begins with a short video lesson lasting four to five minutes. Author and speaker Rachael Carman presents a brief introduction to the lesson, providing background, context, and a related Bible story. She will then demonstrate the motion or motions that go with the lesson. More motions are added with each video lesson so that, eventually, students will be able to present a 40-point outline of the entire Old Testament complete with motions and keywords that help them remember each one.

Watch Lesson 1 of the free streaming video lessons that are included.

Key Word Memorization

A word or phrase is provided for each book of the Bible. This word helps the student to remember an important theme in the book.

Scripture Memorization

Throughout each lesson in the curriculum, students will memorize passages from Scripture.

Biblical Narrative

The narrative presents key people, places, events, and important themes of the passage(s) covered by this lesson, placing them within the context of the overarching story of the Bible, usually in the order the events happened. The narrative is conversational in tone and is designed to be read aloud by the parent.

Discussion Questions

Five discussion questions are provided to encourage thoughtfulness and discussion regarding the narrative and the people and events that were covered.

In-Depth Character Study

This is a one-page, first-person profile of a key Bible character told from the character’s perspective. Some of these profiles are funny, while others are dramatic or even tragic. Each profile covers important biblical events, lessons, and encounters with God as the people involved might have seen them. These are intended to help students understand that the Bible tells us about real-life events that involved real, flawed people.

Introduction to Apologetics

The content of The Word in Motion courses is non-denominational. However, basic doctrines and apologetics that have been historically agreed upon by the church are presented in each lesson. Among the doctrines discussed are the fall of man, sin nature, worship, idolatry, sabbath rest, miracles, repentance, God’s sovereignty, giving, the problem of evil, prophecy, redemption, and many others.

Focus on Prayer

Each lesson concludes with a prayer that touches on the themes discussed in the lesson. Students and families are encouraged to pray these prayers together or as individuals.

Meet the Author

Rachael Carman

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C. Eich
United States United States

Videos need to be updated...

This curriculum looks really nice, and we may use it, but the videos are just more lecture like. I don't think this is very fun for children. The "host" of the video would be better as a younger person, that kids could look up to, as they often do with older (than themselves) young persons.

Natalie M.

Easy to understand

My kids can easily understand the stories and people of the Bible the way it is broken down. The motions are an awesome way to keep kids involved.


Simple and beautiful Old Testament Bible Study

Easy to understand and easy to use, great and straightforward overview of the Old Testament. We used for 3 different grades, and this was simple enough for my 3rd grader and still enough for my 6th grader. Everyone really enjoyed the first 15 weeks with the motions. The only issue that we had was with the second half of the book, the last 15 weeks, was the pacing. It's a very unique approach that teaches the overarching time line and then goes back with individual book study. Except when it was 3-4 books a week. That was a lot to do. It felt constantly rushed like we were just doing the work to keep up, instead of truly opening the Word Of God and learning. I understand that she is trying to get though all the books and there are 39 of them in the Old Testament, but the weeks that were 2 books a week were very nice. Which led to a lot of modifying on our end to fit our homeschool. And that's what homeschool is all about, making it work for your family. Some redundancy with the coloring, and format, week after week, but again, modify, modify modify for your kids. We loved the weekly videos, actually wish there was more of them, and the "speaks" pages. Overall, a great year long Bible curriculum for laying the foundation of the Old Testament.

David &.

This will help your family move in the right direction

The Word in Motion is just what families need to get excited about learning the basics of God’s word! At a time when the church desperately needs to be more Biblically literate, this gets us back on God’s path and moves us in the right direction.

What's Included?

The Word in Motion Old Testament Notebooking Journal

This notebooking journal is designed to be used with Apologia’s The Word in Motion Old Testament textbook. The notebooking journal enables students to personalize what they learn and includes a variety of activities to help students engage with God’s Word. Recommended Grade Level: K-8th Grade

The Word in Motion Old Testament MP3 Audiobook Download

The audiobook version of The Word in Motion Old Testament textbook, read by the author, Rachael Carman, is the perfect accompaniment for students who are auditory learners, slow readers or have other learning disabilities that make reading difficult.

The Word in Motion Old Testament Textbook

Apologia’s The Word in Motion Old Testament textbook is the first volume in an illustrated, two-part Bible curriculum that equips students to know, live, and share the Word of God. As kids understand how the books of the Bible work together to tell the larger story of God’s love for people, they begin to understand God better and read the Word with purpose, passion, and real understanding. Recommended Grade Level: K-8th Grade

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Watch Lesson 1 of the free streaming video lessons that are included.

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